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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Doctor Who - The New Season

As any Doctor Who fan knows, tonite marks the start of the 7th Series of the show since it returned to the air in 2005. While there have been 14 episodes announced, not all the details have come out, including the plots of all the episodes. Thanks to my connections I have been able to discover the plots of 2 of those episodes. Here is what I have found out about them*:

CAUTION: Spoiler alert

This story  is a flashback to the 6th season when Amy & Rory are still expecting Melody (River). Because of the uncertainty that keeps cropping up, he takes them to the planet Maternia which is known for giving the best prenatal care in the universe regardless of species. When he gets there he finds that the planet has been renamed Sanger & is now ruled by the evil empress, Ceciler & her consort Brocko. Brocko had recently run for president, but disguised his real beliefs until he could get elected. Cecile & her Planned Parenthood Federation Intersteller gang were secretly behind his election & poured in huge amounts of money to get him elected. The PPFI are a race of pink humanoids. They came from a distant galaxy after being exiled for promoting abortion. After the election, Brocko, declares martial law. He also nationalizes all of the maternity clinics & turns them over to the head of the HHS, Sibally.  Under her, the clinics are turned into abortion clinics run by the telemed robots.
Sibally & several other members of Brockos administration turn out to be PPFI. They overthrow Brocko & install Ceciler as empress. Brocko, who was very narcisistic & is shocked by his loss of power, so he begins to go mad. Ceciler kept him arround for amusement which is why he is officially her consort.
They also begin their eugenics plan to eliminate anyone who isn't ideal geneticly, which means only those who are of the PPFU. Now, if a pregnant woman comes in, instead of getting prenatal care, every woman is forced to have an abortion. As the TM Robert performs the abortion with the aide of robotic nurses, they scream "abort, abort, ABORT!!!!!"
Meanwhile, those who opposed what was going on have been shipped off to the planet's moon renamed Marie Stopes^. They are sent to the mines as slaves to mine the mineral RU-486 which is used for the abortions. There is also a huge Pro-life underground still on planet.
The Tardis landed near a clinic, so the Doctor, Amy & Rory are unaware of the changes. They go into the clinic. While Rory & the Doctor wait, Amy is taken into an examination room. As they start to force Amy to take the RU-486 she begins to scream & tries to escape. Fortunately the Doctor & Rory hear her. They are able to rush in & save Amy, disabling the TM Robot & restoring the original programs to the Nurse robots.
Soon, they connects up with the pro-life underground who have been working to overthrow Empress Ceciler. With the help of the underground, the Doctor is able to destroy the main computer operating the Telemed Robots.
Meanwhile, as the Pro-life underground peacefully takes over the palace, Ceciler & Brocko are trapped in a room on the upper floor. Brocko's mind has now completely snapped & his anger to Ceciler turns into rage. He throws her out the window & she is killed.
At the same time, the slaves on the moon are able to take control from those in control. All the PPFI are arrested & locked up to await trial. A temporary government is set up to run things until a free election can be held. All the RU-486 is found & shot into the sun to destroy it.
As the show end, we see Brocko in a padded cell with the Doctor, Amy & Rory watching him via a monitor. He has a totally blank look on his face & can be heard repeating certain phrases  like "It is unfortunate that Amy is being punished with a baby" "Forward" or "You didn't build that maternity clinic."
Attack of The Habitless Hussies
The sepisode starts out where the previous episode ended after the defeat of the Daleks on 45th Century Earth. The camera panned over the destruction ending with the Vatican & St. Peter's Basilica,  lying in ruins. The picture fades to a restored St. Peter's. At this point in the new episode, the camera begins pulling back & we see the familiar shape of Italia. But as we continue we notice it is not Earth but a different planet. We see several other continents, including one on the other side of the globe shaped like Iowa. As we return to St. Peter's a gigantic bus appears in the sky. Cut to opening credits.
The doctor & his new companion name unknown at this time, but female) receive a distress signal & answer it. They find that they have landed in New St. Peter's Square in the 50th Century on Earth.. When they come out they are met by the Camerlengo. He greats them & tells them he is there to take them to an audience with the Pope, Benedict CXVI. As they walk towards the Vatican, the Camerlengo tells the Doctor what happenned.
They are on the planet Vaticano. After the Dalek attack in the 45th Century Pope Pascal XI was killed in the destruction. The cardinals who came in from across the galaxy elected Pope Eugene XXII. At that time it was decided to move Vatican City off world. Over the centuries, as man travelled in space & met new races, the Catholic faith went with them. Many races saw that the Catholic faith the ultimate truths they had long looked for were clearly & unapologeticly proclaimed. So, they converted.  Unfortunately, not everyone agreed. In fact certain groups, like the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) & their confederates, the Non-orthodox Catholic Reporter clan (NCR) from the Heresia galaxy were among them.
Finally, they settled on this non-inhabited planet which they named Vaticano. A few days ago, the giant bus we saw at the start appeared in the sky. It contained the armies of the LCWR along with some NCR spies.
At this point they are welcomed by Pope Benedict. He explains that the LCWR are a race whose skin is made of polyester & that they always wear pants suits. He says that their faces are those of pure evil. They have laid seige on New Vatican City & are calling for the ordination of women, gay marriage & the deposition of Pope Benedict.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet in the continent shaped by Iowa, the Eternal Word Transuniverse Network (EWTN) complex is being infiltrated by the NCR spies.  EWTN aides the Vatican in promulgating the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. The NCR spies goal is to attach their secret weapon, the Spiritualizer to the EWTN transmitter. After it is attached, during the Papal audience broadcast the next day, it will send out a beam that will cause all those watching to be possessed by the evil False Spirit of Vatican II.
That evening after Evensong, while the Doctor & the Pope continue their discussion, the new companion goes wandering off & is captured by a LCWR soldier. She is taken to LCWR HQ where they try to turn her into a radical feminist, supporting their agenda. She pretends to go along & later is able to escape. One of the LCWR soldiers realizes what is going on & gives chase. The Doctor & the Pope are on the steps of St. Peter's & see her running. They are able to stop the guard when the Pope, who had been going out to bless the Tardis, accidently sprinkles some of the Holy Water he was carrying on the guard.
The companion found out about the plans to send out the signal via EWTN as well as the simultanious attack on the Vatican. But that night, all the LCWR will be meditating is a group of mazes to prepare.
The Doctor & the Pope decide to attack the LCWR while they are meditating. Arming the Swiss Guards with Holy Water they are able to capture all the LCWR & put them into a temporary force field prison erected by the Doctor.
The Doctor & his companion then head to EWTN to thwart the NCR spies. When they get there they find that the spies, Joanie C (aka Satan's Blueberry Muffin) & The Bishop of Gumbleton have installed the transmitter & are talking with the LCWR leader, Sr. Pat. When they see the Doctor they flee in a minibus after telling the Doctor it is too late.
The Doctor then tries to remove the Spiritualizer as we see a clock in the studio counting down to the broadcast of the Papal audience. Just as the clock reads 0:07 the Doctor succeeds in removing the Spiritualizer.
The next day, the Pope, aided by several Cardinals, performs an exorcism on the captured LCWR. They are then sentanced to life in a cloistered monastery. There they will be required to wear a habit, take a vow of silence, pray the office daily, attend a Traditional Latin Mass each Sunday (weekdays will be Eastern Rite liturgies), read daily from the Catechism as well as hear lectures on what the Catholic Church actually teaches from a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
Unfortunately, Sr. Pat & her NCR spies were able to escape & we see their minibus flying off into space.
* I would like to thank the staff @ AoftheAP under their fearless leader LarryD. Through them, I was able to uncover a few additional facts about Brocko as well as as the weapon used by the LCWR.
^Marie Stopes was the British equivalent of Margaret Sanger.

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