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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memo to Obama, His Administration, Planned Parenthood & All the "Culture of Death" Gang

Just thought you might what God has to say about what you are doing!
 "When the wicked are on the increase, sin multiplies, but the upright will witness their downfall." - Proverbs 29:16 (New Jerusalem Bible)
I came across this quote during my prayer time this morning. There is 1 small difference I need to mention, I use the 1966 edition which had the word virtuous in place of upright. But it still is the same idea.
Right now, everything looks like the 1st part of this verse. The wicked seem to be growing in numbers & in the control of everything. Sin is multiplying. TV is promoting all kinds of sinful lifestyles. Ditto movies. The Obama administration is promoting gay marriage, abortion, & the rest of the Planned Parenthood agenda. Meanwhile, virtuous living is being attacked. The Catholic Church, faithful Catholics, in fact all Christians who uphold the truth about sin, are seeing attempts to silence them or drive them totally out of the public square. They are even being forced to support things, like artificial birth control, that are against the teachings of the Church. Those that are attempting to speak out are being threatened with being treated as domestic terrorists. 
Given how things look, all those who are upright/virtuous could be justified for wanting to dispair. But God tells us not to give in. Instead, those of us who are following the truth taught by Jesus & are letting the Holy Spirit guide us & grace us with the gifts we need to live upright & virtuous lives are told to hold on to the hope that this won't last. The day is coming when the "culture of death" WILL be defeated & a Culture of Life will be there instead.
So, what are we to do in the meantime?
Nothing but wait & see is not an option.
But prayer is. We must pray for God's will to come about. We must pray that the hearts of those promoting these evils will be touched, they will repent of their sins & turn to Christ. But we must also do more.
The proverb says the virtuous/upright will see their downfall. So we must repent of our sins as well as those of our nation. Beyond that we must allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives so that we grow in the virtues God expects us to live in.
Also, we must speak out to proclaim the truth, whether it be about abortion, gay marriage or any of the other evils so prevelant in our society. We must do so, no matter the cost.
Today is the day the Catholic Church commemorates The Passion of St. John the Baptist (formerly the Beheading of St. John the Baptist). St. John's actions show us how we are to proclaim the truth in our time. Earlier in his prophetic ministry, he called people to repentance. When a group of Pharisees & Sadducees came to him he called them to show the fruit of true repentance, in short to live a truly virtuous life. He saw how King Herod had not only divorced his 1st wife, but then married his half-brother's wife. In short they were living in sin, adultry as well as incest. Add to this a good dose of lust that shows up again later with Salome.
Now John the Baptist could have remained silent. Instead he spoke out the truth about the situation. So Herod had him arrested to silence him. Even while in prison, John kept telling Herod the truth. Herodius got Salome to ask for his head from Herod after the promise he made to Salome while drunk.
For some of us, our lives may end in martyrdom if we keep speaking up. But even that shouldn't stop us. St. John didn't give into fear of what humans might do, instead he let the fear of the Lord operate in his life so he could grow in virtue. & that fear of the Lord gave him the courage to speak up no matter the cost. While some might say he was abit harsh at times, I counter by saying what he said was done out of love. He wanted even those he called vipers to repent rather than reject the truth. In that case, he knew that his calling them vipers was the truth about who they were.
But whether we are martyred or not, we will see the day when the "culture of death" is defeated, just as God has promised. All we must do is what I said, grow in virute & uprightness, bearing the fruit of doing so in our lives as I described above.
The head of St John the Baptist, enshrined in aside chapel in the San Silvestro in Capite, Rome.

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