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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Why You MUST See 2016: Obama's America

Earlier this month I wrote a post about a new movie coming out,  2016: Obama's America.  At the time I wrote "I feel fairly sure that Obama won't be cheering its release or seeing it as a positive for his re-election campaign. But it looks like a must see movie to enable those of us who are concerned to better defend our position & expose Obama'a goal of destroying America as we know & love it."
Without trying to sound like I am bragging, I was right. This is a movie that Obama doesn't want people to see because it tells the truth about who he is & what he believes in, as well as giving us insight into why he has done what he has as president as well as the direction he will take us if he gets reelected & he doesn't have to keep his real agenda hidden. That is why it is a MUST SEE!!!!!
I say that because the movie finally arrived in DBQ yesterday (it was rolled out over a period of weeks rather than all at once). & I went to see it in the afternoon. Several others I knew were at the same showing. Others went to a later showing.
The movie is a documentary. Unlike anything Michael Moore does, this one was balanced .Dinesh D'Souza didhis best to talk to family & friends. He wasn't always successful. But where he did talk to people he didn't use snippets, he ran extended conversations so that things were in context.
D'Souza, who is an immigrant from India, starts out sharing a bit of his experience in coming to America & the life he found here. He then shows the similarities between himself & Obama. This includes the fact that D'Souza came from post-colonial India & Obama's father was from post-colonial Kenya.
By the time this part was over, you began to wonder how 2 people with similar backgrounds could end up taking such diverse paths. The answer has a lot to do with Obama's father, what he stood for & the relationship, or lack thereof, they had.
For the most part, Obama's father was not there. So he was raised by his mother.  His mother,  Ann Dunham, remarried, & along with his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, they moved to Indonesia from Hawaii. As Lolo became more of a supporter of capitalism, the couple began fighting. Finally she sent Obama back to Hawaii.
D'Souza travels from Hawaii to Indonesia, back to Hawaii & finally ends up in Kenya. There they interviewed Obam's younger brother George. However, when he tries to meet with the part of the family where Obama's father is buried, they were told to leave after a call to find out about D'Souza. He did get to film the grave before being told to leave.
The movie looks at how Obama sold himself to get elected. It looks at some of what he has done during his 1st term. The scene with Nancy Pelosi speaking about passing the bill (ObamaCare) to find out what was in it literally caused me to shudder, twice. She is even scarier on the big screen than TV or YouTube video.  The movie ends with looking at what we can expect if Obama is re-elected when he has, as he told  Dmitry Medvedev, he has more flexability. What could happen is scary.
The movie looks at how Obama is working to downgrade our defense abilities while trying to ensure every rogue nation has access to nuclear weapons. It also shows how there is a rising United States of Islam that covers North Africa & the Middle East. (The only country I was surprized to see omitted was Sudan.) Then there is the looming financial crisis like Greece recently faced. If it happens, the damage done to the economy would be world wide.
Thinking about those facts later, I came to the conclusion that if all these things happen what is there to stop either a bunch of regional wars as nations try to get what they need for their people? Or even World War III set off by the jihad that the Arab States would definitely feel free to launch.
1 of the most interesting parts of the movie for me was where D'Souza looked at what could be considered Obama's founding fathers, Frank Marshall Davis, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Edward Said, & Roberto Unger. While I was familiar with the Ayers & Wright connections, but not the others. I really wasn't that familiar with Said & Unger. But I was familiar with Davis. I was surprized & shocked that there was as close a  connection between him & Obama as there was.
As I said before, by the time you finish with this movie, you will have a much better idea of who Obama is based not only on his own writings, but by knowing what his father stood for & how much Obama buys into it, as well as that of his "founding fathers". It paints a picture of where he will take us if he gets a second term. & the picture is NOT a pretty one. It is downright scary. If reelected we could likely see the end of America & what made it so great. Yes, there are flaws & problems. D'Souza doesn't deny that in the movie. But Obama's final solution is not the answer. Like I pointed out, it could very well mean WW III.
Now I don't say this simply to scare people, but to say something MUST be done to stop Obama. Getting people to see the movie is part of it. Another part of it, in fact the most important, is to do what Fr. Parker said to us after the movie, we need to pray. Prayer, add to that repentance for the sins of the nation, & working to elect Pro-life candidates who want to make America the land of opportunity for all, like it was for my immigrant Italiano grandparents, not destroy it & the opportuinity it can still offer.



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