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Monday, August 13, 2012

Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards - Alarmed By Choice of Ryan by Romney for VP

As Martha Stewart would say about Richards reaction to Paul Ryan being selected by Romney to be VP "It's a good thing!" Why? because it shows Romney's commitment to the Pro-life movement is more than lip service.
Shortly after the announcement of Ryan for the VP slot, Richards said the following "I will do whatever it takes" to defeat Paul Ryan. Of course she said that as president of the PP PAC, not as the President & CEO of Planned Parenthood. After all, we know how non-partisan Planned Parenthood is & how it doesn't have a corrupt relationship with Obama. Yes, that last sentence was sarcastic as I have shown here & here how corrupt things really are. Obama is Planned Parenthood's willing servant who has done all he can to ensure that the evil deeds done by Planned Parenthood are funded by our tax dollars.
By chosing Ryan, Planned Parenthood knows that their gravy train will end should Romney be elected President in November. So naturally they are pulling out all the scare tactics & lies they use to attack Romney & Ryan. The PP PAC calls the choice "doubling down" against women's health, when they know that the truth is Romney is doubling down on them instead.
Among the lies they spread are the usual claims about how Planned Parenthood is so indespensible in providing "preventive care that nearly three million Americans rely on each year." Preventative care that they don't provide, like mammograms, or that plenty of other places provide just as easily & often more readily.
While they do raise concerns about how Pro-life Ryan is, they try to make it sound like abortion is only a small part of their business. (The 2-3% lie that others & I have so often documented to be a lie that I won't go into it here.)
& of course they make it sound like Romney/Ryan are going to prevent women from getting any health care at all. Something they know is not true. That is how they paint they fact that under Romney & a Republican Congress, the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) would be repealed. The truth is that this is a cash cow for Planned Parenthood, enabling them to make money off of providing artificial birth control & then when it fails, abortions. They also know that if Obama gets re-elected, he will add abortion as a mandate.
So thank you Cecile Richards for your ringing endorsement of Romney showing us in the Pro-life movement that the real choice is between Obama, who will continue to support Planned Parenthood's relentless assault on women & preborn children & Romney who will work to see that women get real health care & that the preborn won't have to be worried about being murdered when they are so young.

Of course, Pro-life leaders are pleased with the choice of Ryan for the VP slot.
Let's start with Ryan's home state of Wisconsin. Pro-Life Wisconsin said that it "applauds the selection of U.S. Representative Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate. Paul Ryan is 100% pro-life and holds deep convictions about the sacredness of human life and the need for its legal protection. We are excited about and encouraged by his candidacy!"
Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List "By selecting Congressman Ryan as his vice presidential running mate, Governor Romney demonstrates his commitment to protecting American women and unborn children. A longtime pro-life advocate and a strong fiscal conservative, Congressman Ryan has insisted that there can be no ‘truce’ when it comes to advancing the rights of the unborn and achieving fiscal responsibility. He has a pristine pro-life voting record and will be an asset to Governor Romney’s campaign."
National Right to Life Committee President Carol Tobias "We are thrilled that Paul Ryan has been selected to run with Governor Romney. Congressman Ryan has a deep, abiding respect for all human life, including unborn children and their mothers, the disabled, and the elderly. Together, they form a solid pro-life ticket that truly represents the pro-life majority in the United States."
Americans United for Life Action President Charmaine Yoest "Paul Ryan has been an eloquent defender of life, articulating his view that policy and principles can work together. America is founded on the essential belief that every person has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – translating that principle into law in statehouses across America and in the U.S. Capitol is the central mission of our political leaders. On the issue of defending life in particular, the use of the bully pulpit is crucial, and we look forward to hearing more from Congressman Ryan on the need to ensure that every person is welcomed in life and protected in law."
Austin Ruse, President, C-FAM and Cathy Ruse, Senior Fellow for Legal Studies, Family Research Council: "Governor Romney could not have chosen a better person to run with than Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Ryan is not only 100% pro-life, he is a full spectrum conservative and thoroughly unafraid in expressing conservative and pro-life views. We cannot wait to see him debate Vice-President Biden. We note that Paul Ryan is a Catholic who takes his faith seriously and in this season of easy anti-Catholicism and attacks on religious freedom, Paul Ryan is perfectly situated to articulate and defend our First Freedom. Paul Ryan will serve our country well as our next Vice-President."
Many more statements of support have been made, & many more will be made by Pro-life leaders. What is certain is that this election provides a clear choice for the direction of the United States. On the one hand, we have Obam/Biden who are clearly committed to the whole-hearted implimentation of the "culture of death' agenda as well as continuing an all out assault on the Constition, the Catholic Church, Christianity & our basic rights. On the other we have Romney/Ryan who will defend life, defend our liberties & defend the right of the Catholic Church & other Christians to have a say in the public square.
We must pray for the election & that strong Pro-life candidates will win. We must also do all we can to get them elected. As Archbishop Lori said last week at the annual KC convention. "The question to ask is this: Are any of the candidates of either party, or independents, standing for something that is intrinsically evil, evil no matter what the circumstances? If that’s the case, a Catholic, regardless of his party affiliation, shouldn’t be voting for such a person.”
So let's look at the 2 candidates. Obama stands for abortion, an intrinsic evil, Romney doesn't. As a Catholic, I can't vote for Obama, but I can vote for Romney. He isn't perfect on every issue, but when it comes to the prime issue, right to life, he is. & that is what matters most.


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