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Monday, July 16, 2012

At Least the Mafia Tried to Keep the Corruption Under Wraps

The other day in a post I compared the relationship of Planned Parenthood & the Obama administration to the Mafia's relationship with politicians & judges. I couldn't help but think of a line from The Godfather at the national summit meeting of all the heads of the various Mafia families in the USA. At one point Don Tattaglia says "Yes, Barzini, he is too modest. He had all the judges and politicians in his pocket and refused to share them." Later Don Barzini comments "If Don Corleone had all the judges, and the politicians in New York, then he must share them, or let us others use them."
Those quotes are refering to the fact that the Mafia had control over politicians & judges by bribes, rigging elections & the like. In return, the Mafia knew they could rely on those politicians to send contracts their way to the "legitimate" businesses they own. Additionally, they knew that they could rely on the judges to ensure when a member or members of their "famiglia" came up on charges,  they would get off scott free or lightly. This whole Mafia, corrupt elected official/politician theme was a huge part of the story line in Godfather 2.
The difference between how the Mafia operated, real & in the movies, as to how Obama & his administration operates is that the Mafia operates behind the scenes. However the Obama administration proudly brags of its connections to Planned Parenthood & defends it, even when it is clear they have broken the law. Not only that, they go after those who work to bring out the truth. The story of Phill Kline in Kansas & how when she was governor of Kansas, HHS Secretary Sibelius appointed judges, etc have tried to destroy him has been covered plenty of times in this blog. Except for how public the connection between Sibelius & Planned Prenthood is, this could almost be a text book example of how the Mafia operates.
I have also pointed out how Obama is out there publicly shilling for Planned Parenthood, instead of ensuring that the DOJ leading the charge to investigate Planned Parenthood for their criminal activities, including Medicaid fraud like that in Iowa.   Additionally, he has not worked behind the scenes, but publicly pushed to see that Planned Parenthood gets a huge share of our taxpayer money. & not only through ObamaCare. Recently, he set up a 3 year grant for about $1.2 million to Planned Parenthood in Memphis TN. & after the latest veto of funds by Governor Christie in New Je4rsey, the Obama administration (through HHS, no surprize) has awarded the New Jersey affiliates $3.1 million. Additionally he has gone after states like Indiana & Texas when they cut Planned Parenthood funding after investigations showed their illegal activities.
Now the blatent flaunting of the corrupt relationship between Obama & the Democratic party with Planned Parenthood has gone 1 step further.  Andy Grossman wasrecently named as the National Platform Director for the Democratic National Convention’s platform panel.  Grossman is head of Grossman Solutions, a political consulting firm. All that sounds innocent enough until you look at who some of his clients are. According to the company  website they include the National Partnership for Women and Families (NAPWF), Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC), Wal-Mart Watch, Bill Thompson for Mayor of New York City, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, SEIU, America Votes & Unity ‘ 09.
America Votes is a huge supporter of ObamaCare. NAPWF is also a huge supporter of ObamaCare & abortion rights.  WalMart Watch is tied in to a pro-abortion union. BISC fights for what it calls "reproductive justice", read abortion rights. It is also big in promoting LGBT issues. We know how the SEIU has acted as thugs for Obama, often like old fashioned Mafia thugs,  as well as supporting abortion. The Unity '09 coalition include Planned Parenthood. Grossman headed the Common Purpose Project Health Care Working Group, which Politico indicates played a big role in getting the Obamacare law approved. He currently serves as the President of the Health Information Campaign, an organization founded in 2010 to educate the public about the Affordable Care Act. 
The work done by his company for Planned Parenthood includes  heaing up a job search in 2011 for a political director  The work continued as it headed up another search for them in February 2011. This time it was for a Vice President of Public Policy & Advocacy for Planned Parenthood. Grossman’s agency led a search in March 2011 for a Director of Government Relations for Planned Parenthood. In 2010 Grossman came under fire when aides to Linda McMahon accused him of illegally cooperating with Planned Parenthood. Gee, illegal & Planned Parenthood in 1 sentance. No surprize.
Now he is being rewarded by being put in charge of  the Democratic Platform. That means you can be sure it will include abortion as sancrosanct. It will also include plenty that will insure that Planned Parenthood continues to feed at the trough of Federal & state largesse should the Dems retain control of the White House as well as on the state level where they win.
Not even in its heyday would the Mafia ever dream of being this public in its corrupt behavior. That this is going on is another proof that we must pray & work for Pro-life candidates who will change the laws to get elected. We cannot let this corrupt bargain between Obama & Planned Parenthood continue to promote the demonic "culture of death". Corruption only destroys a country. & this form of corruption is the worst possible way to do so.

FYI: the Republican Party announced pro-life Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will head the GOP platform committee. That means that there will be a clear contrast between the 2 parties when it comes to abortion & Planned Parenthood.

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