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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Obama - Shilling For Planned Parenthood

The other day I pointed out how Obama is doing all he can to undermine article 26 of  the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the post I shared where the article says "Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children." (emphasis mine) I went on to say "That not only includes which school or home schooling, it includes the right to reject the sex ed agenda that Planned Parenthood promotes & is backed by Obama."
For those of you who doubt that I present this video:

The video is from a speech that he gave on Monday (25 June 2012) at Oyster River High School in Durham, N.H.
As I have pointed out in many, many previous posts, Planned Parenthood is absolutely opposed to allowing parents any rights when it come to abortion, & just as opposed when it comes to parents having a say when it comes to whether their children are feed the sex education program pushed by Planned Parenthood to create a whole new generation of customers for their abortion services. Rather than reiterate what I have said, I recommend that you check out the materials that Stop Planned Parenthood & American Life League have as well as this ALL video (caution, video for mature audiences only).
Additionally, Obama is doing all he can to make it look like he is buddy-buddy with the Catholic Church rather than waging the all out attack on it as well as the rst of us, Catholic or not. At the appearance Monday he also included  included a phrase referencing his past work involving “Catholic churches” on social justice issues: “As a young man, I worked with a group of Catholic churches who taught me that no poverty program can make as much of a difference as the kindness and commitment and involvement of caring neighbors and friends and fellow parishioners.” Oh please!!!!!!!! (FYI: This has been repeated in several speeches nearly verbatim since Obama’s campaign kicked off this spring. )
The type of Catholycs Obama are refering to  are those like Fr. Michael Pfleger, a left-wing priest who was sanctioned by Cardinal Francis George for praising the candidate in 2007 as “the best thing to come across the political scene since Bobby Kennedy.” They are the same ones that defy the Magesterial teaching of the Catholic Church & support abortion, birth control & gay marriage as well as women's ordination.  (See 'Fortnight for Freedom' shows Catholic split for example)
Obama is simply trying to widen that split as well as mislead those who may not be well informed (read anyone who relies on the Main Stream Media, The NonCatholic Reporter & even many diocesan newspapers) to think it is OK for Catholics to vote for him.
We must pray & speak up to get the truth out. All Obama is doing is leading us deeper into the "culture of death". & his flagship for that is the "tax" known as ObamaCare. But we must also pray that God will raise up Pro-life candidates (or maybe even run yourself) & work to get them elected & when they do, hold them to the fire to work to build a Culture of Life instead.

For more on Obama's incestuous relationship with Planned Parenthood, check out Obama and Planned Parenthood: A Presidential Romance
Sources: Obama preaches Planned Parenthood, gays in the military to high school students

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