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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Melinda Gates - Closing the "Windows" to Future Microsoft Customers

Yes, I opted for that title intentionally, as you will see in a minute.
In April, Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as a Catholic, announced her multi-billion dollar foundation’s new “NoControversy” campaign to reinforce universal access to birth control as a priority in the developing world.
In a speech at a TedxChange conference in Berlin, Germany, she argued that contraception has been mistakenly associated with population control, abortion, forced sterilization & mortal sin. Additionally, she insisted they are “side issues” that “have attached themselves to the core idea that men and women should be able to decide when to have a child.” However, in the Gates Foundation's  Annual Letter for 2012, they drew a direct connection between “unsustainable” population growth & poverty. The letter posits contraception as an essential tool to ensuring that “populations in countries like Nigeria will grow significantly less than projected.” So much for her claim that population control is a side issue. IMHO, her attempts to seperate them are merely smoke & mirrors to try to misdirect people from the truth, that the ultimate agenda is population control as well as its subtle racist undertones of who they are trying to eliminate.
 It has recently been announced that will be hosting a Family Planning Summit in London this July. It should be no surprize that joining her in this effort are two of the biggest pro-abortion groups in the world, the UN Population Fund & International Planned Parenthood Federation (whose racist roots have been well documented here & elsewhere).
Austin Ruse, the president of C-FAM, a pro-life group that leads the battle for the pro-life cause at the United Nations, explains what the goal of the conference is.
They say they want to raise $4 billion to promote contraception among poor women. This is population control plain and simple, population control aimed at poor dark-skinned women.”
He added “We have tried to get pro-lifers registered for this summit so there can be a counter voice but we are getting shut out by Planned Parenthood.” That Planned Parenthood is shutting out those who will counter their lies is no surprize.
The groups she is siding with also give me more reason to believe her attempts to seperate the aforementioned "side issues" are an attempt to mislead & misdirect people away from what is really going on. As C-FAM poinst out in An Open Letter to Melinda Gates, "The Gates Foundation’s primary partners are NGOs and governments that engage inabortion and population control campaigns." If she really sees them as side issues, then why is she aiding & abetting those groups that see them as the main issues? Like I said, smoke & mirrors.
In addition to it being an open letter to Melinda Gates, it is a petition as well. & C-FAM is calling on all those who are Pro-life to sign it. According to Austin Ruse “We hope to gather 100,000 signatures from all over the world and we will hand deliver them to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation headquarters in Seattle, Washington and/or directly on the steps of the Family Planning Summit in London on July 11.”  The entire text of the letter is as follows:

Dear Ms. Gates,
We are writing to you from all over the world. We are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.
We are students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, laborers, parliamentarians and policy makers, rich, poor and middle class. We are people from all walks of life.
We are deeply concerned with your upcoming Family Planning Summit. The Gates Foundation’s primary partners are NGOs and governments that engage in abortion and population control campaigns. The Summit’s purpose is to launch a global campaign to pressure governments to encourage women to view children as burdens and expendable.
First, we understand that participation in the summit is limited only to those who agitate for more funding for family planning. We wonder if you will dialogue with those who may have another vision?
You say women around the world tell you they want contraception. Perhaps that is because the people surrounding you are devoted to contraception and abortion. Your summit is organized by – and limited to – pro-abortion and population control advocates.
Second, we understand that the International Planned Parenthood Federation is mobilizing civil society participation. You said specifically in your TED speech that this initiative would have nothing to do with abortion. We wonder how this can be when your main partner is the world’s biggest abortion provider?
Third, we fear that such a global effort will inevitably lead to abuses. Whenever governments and NGOs get together to encourage poor women to use contraceptives, the result is often coercion and abuse. In fact, your partners for the Summit – the United Kingdom’s DFID, IPPF and UNFPA – have all been implicated in abuses against women related to family planning.
Will you hear the voices of women and men who love and want children, or those who have been victims of contraception, abortion and population control campaigns? Will you invite discussion on the consequences of not having, or having too few children? Will you equal or surpass this Summit with support for healthy child-birth programs?
We urge you to re-consider the Family Planning Summit.
We urge you to consider that this mission is fraught with danger and may not be what the women of the world really need.
We urge you to listen to the voices of we hundreds of thousands!
Yours sincerely,

At this point, the English version has 17,800 signatures (including mine , of course), the Spanish has 1,352, & the French has 555. That comes to 19,707 signatures, just short of 1/5th of those they wish to gather,
Please add your voice to those of us who have already signed. It is important for Gates & her associates to be aware that we are NOT going to be silent, nor are we being taken in by her claims that this isn't about abortion & population control. They may not listen, but we will know we have done our part.

PS: Hopefully by now everyone will have gotten my meaning in the title of this post.



  • At 28/6/12 8:07 PM , Blogger Chris Largret said...

    If you listen through the entire referenced TED speech, Melinda also says that she believes population numbers will move in the "right direction" with the proper access to birth control. No, population is not a "side issue."

    Incidentally, Bill Gates has made the same statement about population levels in an earlier TED talk.

  • At 29/6/12 2:20 PM , Blogger Al said...

    Grazie for the additional information!


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