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Monday, June 18, 2012

Given My Experience, This Doesn't Surprize Me!!!!!

The big news from Rockford this weekend was that a school bus used by Pro-lifers in their battle against the recently closed abortion mill was fire bombed last Friday night.
I can't say that I am surprized if you didn't. Except for the post on Rockford Pro-Life Corner blog & articles on the Life News & LifeSiteNews websites, it has been mostly ignored.*
The bus was  owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy. It has been well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures & words asking people to “pray to end abortion”.

According to the Pro-Life Corner blog "The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage. It has been speculated that this bombing of a pro-life Christian school bus is in retaliation for the closing of the Rockford abortion mill that is located not far from where the school bus was attacked."
So what did the Rockford Register Star cover that weekend?
On the day of pro-life school bus being bombed, the Rockford Register Star ran a story about an attack against a building made by a pro-lifer that occurred 12 years ago
They brought up again the story of Fr. John Earl who damaged the Rockford abortion mill in 2000.  As the post points out "Fr. Earl paid his debt to society and has been a model citizen ever since for over a decade, but the Register Star brings up that 12 YEAR OLD STORY again, using Father Earl’s reassignment to a new parish as an opportunity to rehash what should now be a thing of the past and yet they ignored a current attack- the firebombing of a pro-life school bus."
Yet another firebombing in Rockford does make the news. & it occurred early in the morning on the same day that the bus was firebombed. A car was set on fire at 1 am & an unexploded “Molotov cocktail” was found nearby. The paper called it a suspected arson.
Yet it wasn't until Monday, & I am sure after a lot of outrage by Pro-lifers & supporters of the porivately owned school (probably a huge overlap), that the Rockford paper finally did post an article on the bus. It only took the Rockford paper a little over 8 hours to post the 1st car being firebombed. Yet it took the same paper almost 2 &1/2 days to post the story about the Pro-life school bus. Like I said, it had to be done only after a huge outcry. A lot of which was inspired by the Pro-life Corner post.
Of course, the Rockford paper does get a dig in at the Pro-life Corner blog as well. & I am sure that some of it was in retaliation for drawing attention to their pro-abortion bias. The article said "Speculation was reported on an anti-abortion website that the fire may have been set as an anti-Catholic message or in retaliation against anti-abortion groups that campaigned to close the Northern Illinois Women’s Center in Rockford."
1st of all, notice that they simply call it an anti-abortion website, not Pro-life. & there was no speculation that it was to send an anti-Catholic message. The only anti-Catholic message mentioned in the post was the one that the Rockford paper was apparently sending out in its Fr. Earl story. The post did also point out the long running anti-Pro-life, anti-Christian bigotry as well as the cover-up by the Rockford paper of actions by the Rockford abortion mill. "The Register Star again shows it may have a deep and firmly held bigotry towards Christians and pro-lifers by bringing up incidents from 12 years ago and disregarding current acts of terrorism against Christian citizens. To this day the Register Star has never reported on the many documented hate crimes committed by the Rockford abortion mill and its supporters. At the time this article is being written, they have completely ignored a hate crime against Christian pro-lifers and an act of violence (firebombing) and arson against school children, yet they want to continue to regurgitate an incident by a pro-lifer 12 YEARS AGO!"
Their coverage of the Pro-life bus' firebombing only goes to prove that the bigotry exists at the paper. If the paper can get the car bombing story up in a few hours, & if the Pro-Life Corner can get a post, pictures & a video (below) up in a day, how else do you explain the delay in covering the bus' firebombing other than out & out bigotry against the Pro-life movement & the Catholic Church?

*FYI: the reason I can't say I am surprized comes from personal experience with the local media back in 2010. Back then my mobile home I was living in at the time was vandalized. I posted on it. But it wasn't until after I raised a stink with the TH about their ignoring anything that was written. In the post on it I shared how I was treated by the TH editor. I honestly think his attitude towards me was, at least in part, because he wasn't happy I called the paper on its bias.  At that point it was the Pro-life presence on the web that ran with it to get the news out, including how the media treated me. Not that I was looking for attention for myself, But because it is clear that the Main Stream Media will ignore any violence towards Pro-lifers if it can. The reason is simple. Those stories (several of which I have posted about under Violence/Vandalism Against Pro-Lifers) don't fit in with the agenda of the MSM & the abortion industry to paint us as the bad guys.
They want to show that violence is the norm, not an aberation with us. They want to show that the violence is all done by "anti-choice/abortion" people, not "pro-choice" people. They want to paint all "pro-choicers" (read pro-abortion) as a sweet, loving group of people who are only trying to protect the woman's right to chose. The truth is, the violence done against those who are pro-abortion is usually done by those who are, at best, on the fringe. & when something does happen, the Pro-life leaders are out there to quickly deny it. Not so with the violence against Pro-lifers. It is usually done by those who are at the heart of promoting abortion.
The closed abortion mill at Rockford is a prime example of how the media slants the news. They ignored most of what its owner, Wayne Webster did. Including the hatefilled racist & violent signs he put in his windows, as well as his attacks on protestors. Of course he was aided & abetted by friends on the city council as well. But as you saw above, a 12 year old story about a priest was brought up. In this case it served a double purpose, to attack the Pro-lifers, as well as the Catholic Church & particularly the Diocese of Rockford that, under the leadership of recently retired Bishop Thomas Doran, helped lead the charge against the Rockford abortion mill. Check out the Pro-Life Corner blog for more.
This is why it is so important for us to speak up, contact the media when they ignore our side, tthat includes writing letters to the editor with the truth, & to blog about it as well. It is clear that, for the most part,  the media won't tell the truth about the Pro-life side. Unless we force them to.

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