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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Just In

The battle to defend life is personally heating up. Someone here in DBQ decided they didn't like what I am doing so they decided to vandalize my home. The event occurred sometime between 7:30 pm lMonday nite & 6:30 am Tuesday morning. My neighbor across the drive saw it Tuesday about 6:30 am when she went out to walk their dog. She it wasn't there Monday nite.
I discovered it Tuesday nite when I was moving the lawn. I knew it wasn't there Monday morning as that was the last time I was back there. While waiting for the police, I found out the rest of the details.
On the back side of the home facing the neighbor's house across the drive someone wrote "support aboration (sic)" in black. Below that in black was "baby killer" & "baby killer" was also written on there in green a couple times, along with "fu" which I think we both know what that means. Up in a corner was an 'is" as well. After telling her about my pro-life involvement etc, the police office said that it probably was intentional harrassment.
At my place, I do have a "Planned Parenthood Bad for Dubuque" sign. But nothing about baby killers. I haven't had a letter to the editor in the paper recently either. So there has been nothing specific to draw attention to me. In fact, after Tim's article in the Sunday TH (DCRTL - Getting the Truth Out About PPECI & "Telemed Abortions.), it would have been more likely that he or DBQ Co. Right to Life should have been targetted. Not me. But since that is a term that has been used by pro-aborts to justify claiming us pro-lifers are calling for violence & murder against abortionists, it probably has to be someone who knows what I do with this blog.
While the police have pictures & filed a report, it is not likely the case will be solved. I will be taking pictures & posting them as well.
Now I am not doing this to get sympathy for myself. I am doing this to get the message out of how the other side are really the ones who resort to violence & have no respect for others. It will be interesting to see if this even makes the police report. But you can be sure that if this had been the local Planned Parenthood, the story would be front page & already on all the local TV stations. (But I am thinking of trying to light a fire to try & get them to pay attention to our side.)
With the local victories against PP by DCRTL in the area of uncovering their telemed abortion plot plot, I suspect this is just the 1st shot & that others may be targetted as well. Time will tell.
I also pray for whoever did it that God's mercy will lead him/her to repentance & a change of heart.

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  • At 16/6/10 5:06 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    So sorry to hear this Al. That is just terrible. Can I e-mail Fr. Z's blog to notify, maybe there is a chance he might get the word out?

  • At 16/6/10 5:12 PM , Blogger Al said...

    Go ahead, not that I want the attention, but if this is how we can get the word out of the way they really operate, then I'm all for it.

    PS, somehow you sent this same comment twice, so I am rejecting the duplicate version.

  • At 16/6/10 5:14 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    OK. I will send it is a few minutes.

    P.S. Know about the double comment... sorry. Blogger commenting acting up.

  • At 16/6/10 5:29 PM , Blogger Al said...

    Been there myself with the double comment problem myself.

  • At 17/6/10 7:54 AM , Blogger LarryD said...

    How terrible! Those who do the Evil One's work have to perform it under the cover of darkness - the light is too strong for them.

    I hope you're able to repair everything. Get your home blessed as soon as you can!

  • At 17/6/10 10:57 AM , Blogger Lola said...

    You're in our prayers.

    I hope the Yahoo gets 'caught'.

    Did this make the news?

  • At 17/6/10 11:59 AM , Blogger VSO said...

    So much for "tolerance" and "diversity". Don't let the bastards get you down Al.

    PS is there a TLM anywhere near Dubuque?

  • At 17/6/10 6:44 PM , Blogger Mary said...

    My van's been vandalized several times because of pro-life bumper stickers, but at least the perpetrators didn't come to my house! Prayers for your safety, and may God bless you for standing up for Life.

  • At 17/6/10 9:31 PM , Blogger TH2 said...

    No go, Al... I posted about it, however, at my blog. Prayers for your safety and security.

  • At 29/6/10 12:12 AM , Blogger Al said...

    VSO, Sorry i didn't reply earlier about the TLM. Yes, every Sunday in Dyersville. Occasionally Fr. Parker has 1 over at St. Mary's ED as well.


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