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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Next Step for the "Culture of Death", Canibalism???

Yes, you read that right, canibalism!
It seems like Vorarephilia (or vore for short) is becoming the in thing. Vorarephilia is  a sexual fetish & paraphilia where arousal occurs from the idea of eating, or being eaten by, another person, or by an animal. While it has usually been  gratified on the Internet largely as a fantasy, news reports within the past decade are showing that the countless paraphilic hook-up communities as well as extreme hardcore pornography (icluding videos of the act) found on the internet have spurred the realization of gruesome crimes that defy the imagination.

While this may seem unreal, surreal or just something very fringe, it isn't. In fact it looks like it is a growing part of the homosexual porn culture. 1 of the latest reports came last month when  Montreal gay porn actor Luka Magnotta allegedly killed cannibalized his ex-lover.
Cannibalism tied in with sexualized serial killings has been arround for a long time. American child rapist Albert Fish (d. 1936), & American serial killer Ottis Toole (d. 1996) along with his homosexual lover Henry Lee Lucas confessed to hundreds of murders. Don't forget Jeffrey Dahmer (d. 1994). He cannibalized 17 boys & men between the ages of 14 to 27.
But with the birth of the internet a new means of expanding this evil came about.*This horrific internet subculture came to light in 2003. That year, in Germany, Armin Meiwes was tried for the killing of homosexual lover Bernd Jürgen Brandes. Brandes was a willing fetish victim whom Meiwes picked up through an Internet forum ad where he said he was seeking “a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” At the time Meiwes admitted that he had personally met around 400 men interested in the practice online. Additionally, he claimed to know a man through the Internet that police suspected of cannibalizing three boys.

Additonally, Magnotta put up video of him mutilating his victim, Lin Jun,  on a online hardcore “gore” community site.
Thankfully, this practice isn't mainstream yet. But, with the slippery slope we have been on, thanks in huge part to people like Alfred Kinsey & the gang at Planned Parenthood, how long will it be before this is considered just as acceptable a behavior as any other when it comes to sex? We have those pushing for gay marriage now, beastiality is being pushed to be acceptable practice as well. & don't forget that NAMBLA wants sex with under age boys to be legal as well.
OK, some people may be saying but that is different, we are talking about killing human beings. Let us remember that many so-called ethicists, like Singer, are saying that a human being doesn't even have the right to live after birth until he or she can prove their worth. & some ethicists are even saying people in certain conditions where they are not cognative do not have the right to live.We are seeing the same redefining of what is human that occured under Hitler.
& don't forget that euthenasia/assisted suicide was 1st pushed as being allowed as a voluntary option for those who were terminally ill. So why couldn't this whole mix be followed to its logical conclusion & people begin pushing for the law to change to allow those who want to practice this form of sex the same right as any other form mentioned above.
The point is, the demonic "culture of death" is never satisfied. Satan's goal is to destroy as many human beings made in the image & likeness of God as possible. I am talking about physically as well as spiritually. Things may seem dark. But we have to remember that Jesus already won the war. Our job is to, 1st of all, pray. We must also continue to speak up defending life, born & unborn, defending marriage as God intended it, between a man & a woman, & proclaiming the good news of salvation found in the Gospel. We are not to worry about it being welcome. History shows that it won't always be. But that is not our concern. Our concern is to be faithful to the call that every Christian has to go out & evangelize. We let God do the rest. & in the end, no matter what happens to us, especially rejection & maybe even martyrdom, we will be able to stand before God & know that we will hear "Well done, good & faithful servant."
* This is just a reminder that the internet can be used for evil as well as good. & why we must have a presence on it to counteract that evil. The innternet is 1 of the areas where we must evangelize as the need is so great.

Source: Is the cannibal murder another fallout of porn?



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