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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Looks Like the Dissident Heretical "Catholycs" Are Circling the Wagons

It is clear that panic is setting in with the shrinking false "spirit of Vatican II" gang. In the last few weeks, Papa Benedetto has put in motion the efforts to reform the LCWR, ordered the reform of Caritas International so that their works and programs are in accord with Catholic moral & social teaching., & called on Catholic Bishops to reform Catholic Universities & Colleges so that they are challenging the students to live their faith not destroying it. The Vatican approving the issuing of a judgment against Sr. Margaret Farley's book on sexual ethics.
On Monday their official newsletter that passes itself off as a Catholic newspapaer, the Non-Catholic Reporter, aka the Naational Catholic Distorter posted an article on their website in one of their blogs that talks of the Vatican launching "a major all-out assault on any theology or interpretation of Vatican II based on what it calls a 'Hermeneutic (Interpretation) of Rupture.'" In the article by former Maryknoll provincial  John C. Sivalon, M.M. he says that the "assault is articulated in the document known as "Porta Fidei" written by Benedict XVI and further specified in a document titled "Note on Recommendations for the Implementation of the Year of Faith" which was developed by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."
The evidince he cites the that  "both of these documents are cited by Cardinal Levada in his statement on the doctrinal assessment of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR). The rationale for that assessment and other punitive moves that have been made in recent months (Caritas International, educational institutes, and the Girl Scouts) must be understood in the broader context of this special 'year of assault'."

In short, horror of horrors, the Pope is doing what he should do to ensure that people who claim to be teaching Catholic doctrine are teaching authenticly Catholic doctrine, not heretical doctrines.  & in order to do so, the Pope is making sure of the proper interpretation of the Vatican II documents, not their false "Spirit" which these dissidents used to justify their jettisoning the truth in favor of relativism & heresy. (Why can I imagine the NonCR cheering their predecessors, the Arians, Pelagians etc, had the NonCR been arround in their time, claiming they were authentic voices of Catholicism that the Pope & magisterium were trying to silence?)
Sivalon does get 1 thing right "The target is plainly modern culture. According to the document the modern world is epitomized by a culture of relativism, which it says has even seeped into Christian life and ecclesial communities." But when he says "the action against LCWR and the other actions against loyal voices of faithful Christians open to discerning God's wisdom in modern culture." He is totally off base. 1st of all, these groups are anything but "faithful", they are faithless traitors to the faith in the footsteps of those past heretical movements I mentioned earlier. Additionally, they have not discerned God's wisdom, they have jettisoned it & blindly embraced the world's wisdom found in modern culture that St. Paul warned against in 1 Corinthians 3:18-20.
Sivalon spends most of the article demonizing the Pope & his efforts to be the Vicar of Christ as he should. He also tries to claim that it is the Pope, who was at Vatican II is the one recasting Vatican II rather than those who bought into that demonic false "spirit of Vatican II" like him. It is the spirit that Sivalon is hyping that Bishop Nickless said needed to be exorcised.
The fact that Sivalon divides the Church into pre & post Vatican II is proof of the "hermeneutic of discontinuity" (or rupture) that he decries. Sivalon discards any & everything from before Vatican II as out of date because it is contrary to the wisdom of the modern world/culture. He is basicly telling the Holy Spirit that for 1950+ years He failed to do what He was supposed to do. & because the Holy Spirit hasn't don't what the dissidents think He should have done, that justifies their embracing worldly wisdom. Yes, this wisdom they embrace does have a spiritual origin, but that spirit is demonic.
But maybe the last sentence is the biggest proof of how wrong Sivalon is. He says "The sisters in their communal service to the Church and world, who not only take a vow of poverty but actually live that vow without privilege, status or accumulation of wealth are a vivid and prophetic contrast to the inauthenticity of the call to retrenchment masquerading as renewal." Given the fancy cars the dissenting groups drive, the nice apartments they live, the pay that they demand for working in the diocese that is better than lay workers who often have families to support gets, they may take a vow of poverty, but when compared to authenticly living it out as St. Francis did, they are doing anything but living a life of poverty.
As for the prophetic role these sisters are living, he better remember that there is such a thing as a false prophet. & that is exactly what these dissidents are, false prophets.
The fact that these "Catholycs" are getting so vitriolic in their attacks shows that they are reading the writing on the wall. They know their time is short. So in desperation, they are lashing out in the one last hope of being able to stop the Holy Spirit from implimenting the proper interpretation of Vatican II rather than their false one.


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