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Friday, June 01, 2012

St. Justin, Martyr - Model for American Catholics Faithful to the Magestrium Under Obama's Attacks

1 June is the day the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St Justin. Martyr. The following passage is what the Church has selected for the 2nd reading in the Office of Readings for this feast. He is considered to be 1 of the Apostolic Fathers of the Church. St. Justin was a pagan convert to Christianity. His 1st Apology contains a detailed account of the liturgical practices of the mid 2nd Century. He strongly defends the Real Presence in the Eucharist. He also makes it clear that only those who truly believe as the Catholic Church does are allowed to receive the Eucharist. Something that would definitely make him unpopular among liberal "Catholics in Name Only" today. He was a strong defender of the true teachings of the Catholic Church against those who lied & misrepresented twhat the Church taught. Again something that would result in his being attacked by the "Catholycs" of the Non-Catholic Reporter, the Leadership Counvil of Women Religious & other dissenters.
As you read this passage, you will see how St. Justin refused to compromise his faith when he was tried under Rusticus. Instead he stood up for the truth. Given the way the Obama administration is attacking the Catholic Church today, especially with the HHS mandate, there is much we can learn from St. Justin's example. What St. Justin did would be called civil disobedience today. The USCCB has issued a flier to be inserted in parish bulletins this month. At one point it says “Some unjust laws impose such injustices on individuals and organizations that disobeying the laws may be justified. Every effort must be made to repeal them. When fundamental human goods, such as the right of conscience, are at stake, we may need to witness to the truth by resisting the law and incurring its penalties.”  In short, a call to be ready for civil disobedience should we have to, ,just like St. Justin did when he was told to obey the unjust laws of his time requiring him to worship the pagan gods & the emperor.
We can no more submit to the unjust regulations in the HHS mandate than could St. Justin to the laws then. There is a lot we can learn, as I said, from St. Justin in how to live & defend our faith today.    

From the Acts of the martyrdom of Saint Justin and his companion saints
The saints were seized and brought before the prefect of Rome, whose name was Rusticus. As they stood before the judgement seat, Rusticus the prefect said to Justin: “Above all, have faith in the gods and obey the emperors.” Justin said: “We cannot be accused or condemned for obeying the commands of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.”
Rusticus said: “What system of teaching do you profess?” Justin said: “I have tried to learn about every system, but I have accepted the true doctrines of the Christians, though these are not approved by those who are held fast by error.”
The prefect Rusticus said: “Are those doctrines approved by you, wretch that you are?” Justin said: “Yes, for I follow them with their correct teaching.”
The prefect Rusticus said: “What sort of teaching is that?” Justin said: “Worship the God of the Christians. We hold him to be from the beginning the one creator and maker of the whole creation, of things seen and things unseen. We worship also the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He was foretold by the prophets as the future herald of salvation for the human race and the teacher of distinguished disciples. For myself, since I am a human being, I consider that what I say is insignificant in comparison with his infinite godhead. I acknowledge the existence of a prophetic power, for the one I have just spoken of as the Son of God was the subject of prophecy. I know that the prophets were inspired from above when they spoke of his coming among men.”
Rusticus said: “You are a Christian, then?” Justin said: “Yes, I am a Christian.”
The prefect said to Justin: “You are called a learned man and think that you know what is true teaching. Listen: if you were scourged and beheaded, are you convinced that you would go up to heaven?” Justin said: “I hope that I shall enter God’s house if I suffer that way. For I know that God’s favour is stored up until the end of the whole world for all who have lived good lives.”
The prefect Rusticus said: “Do you have an idea that you will go up to heaven to receive some suitable rewards?” Justin said: “It is not an idea that I have; it is something I know well and hold to be most certain.”
The prefect Rusticus said: “Now let us come to the point at issue, which is necessary and urgent. Gather round then and with one accord offer sacrifice to the gods.” Justin said: “No one who is right thinking stoops from true worship to false worship.”
The prefect Rusticus said: “If you do not do as you are commanded you will be tortured without mercy.” Justin said: “We hope to suffer torment for the sake of our Lord Jesus Christ, and so be saved. For this will bring us salvation and confidence as we stand before the more terrible and universal judgement-seat of our Lord and Saviour.”
In the same way the other martyrs also said: “Do what you will. We are Christians; we do not offer sacrifice to idols.”
The prefect Rusticus pronounced sentence, saying: “Let those who have refused to sacrifice to the gods and to obey the command of the emperor be scourged and led away to suffer capital punishment according to the ruling of the laws.” Glorifying God, the holy martyrs went out to the accustomed place. They were beheaded, and so fulfilled their witness of martyrdom in confessing their faith in their Saviour.



  • At 13/1/15 6:59 PM , Blogger David Brainerd said...

    Are you still dumb enough to be faithful to the Vatican under Francis the antichrist?

  • At 23/2/15 9:26 AM , Blogger Al said...

    Why would I leave the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ, aka the Catholic Church, for something less?


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