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Friday, May 25, 2012

I Don't Want to Say I Told You so, But

Yesterday in a post I talked about how I suspected the Main Stream Media (MSM), especially the reviewers would handle For Greater Glory. In part I said "watch the reviews be positive about the Hispanic actors & how they played their roles, while attacking the movie."
Well The HuffPo has fired one of the 1st shots. I wasn't too far off in my prediction. After a short desription of the movie, the writer says "For Catholics enraged by the Obama administration's proposed contraception mandate, the film about the Mexican church's fight in 1920s is a heartening and timely cinematic boost in the American church's battle to preserve "religious freedom" in 2012.
For other Catholics and non-Catholics, the film is, more simply, action, suspense and a good cast. Besides Garcia and Blades, there's "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria and the legendary actor Peter O'Toole." (emphasis mine)
The article then goes on to make it sound like those opposing the mandate are out of touch & not really representative of the Catholic Church, including Knights of Columbus Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, & the USCCB.
While the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is working hard to stop the Obama administration's birth control mandate, their campaign has not attracted a broad base of Catholics. A March study by the Public Religion Research Institute found that most American Catholics are generally supportive of the mandate. And 57 percent of Catholics (and 56 percent of Americans in general) reject the idea that religious liberty is under siege in the U.S." (emphasis mine)
In short, because a so called majority of Catholics doesn't see that their rights are under attack, the author is trying to make it seem that they must be right. & the US Bishops who, for once, is actually exercising their prophetic office, are wrong. I know this will raise the ire of those who don't like to learn from history, but may I remind them that:
a) Only 1/3 of those living in the USA supported the American fight for independence. The other 2/3rds didn't see what King George & Parliament were doing was wrong. Yet, as the Declaration so clearly put it, Americans rights were being attacked by the Mother Country.
b) In the 30s, before he consolodated power, most in Germans felt Hitler was making things better, not about to take away the rights of huge numbers of people, Jewish Catholic & others.. & many people in the USA did as well. Once again, Pope Pius XI (with the help of Cardinal Roncalli, later Pius XII) was the one speaking out propheticly about the dangers of Hitler & Nazi-ism. (& please don't give me that BS that he didn't do anything to help the Jews during the war. There is plenty of evidence to the contrary that the anti-Catholic MSM has ignored. More proof of what I said yesterday.) He also propheticly warned people about the dangers of Fascism & communism as well.
So a majority doesn't determine the truth.
& of course, she didgs out a Catholic priest, & (not surprizing), a Jesuit to boot, to support her attempt to undermine the message.
For the Rev. Jim McDermott, a Jesuit priest in Los Angeles and occasional screenwriter, connecting the Cristero War with modern-day politics makes little sense, from either a Catholic or artistic perspective.
'As much as I personally find some of Obama's policies problematic, it seems ridiculous to compare that issue with the wholesale demolition of the Catholic Church in Mexico depicted in 'For Greater Glory,' he said.
'The attempt to equate these two situations,' he continued, 'strikes me as indicative of the deeper problem our church faces today, the fierce and often willful bolstering of animosities at the expense of our national community.'
Besides, he added, 'As a writer, I think sermons are best left for the pulpit.' " (emphasis mine)
Has Fr. McDermott been paying attention to what the Obama administration has been doing over the past few years? & let's not forget the attacks as well in many states, like Illinois, that have driven the Catholic Church out of providing adoptions or foster care. Wholesale demolition of the Catholic Church in the USA would be an understatement.
As for his version of "Can't we all get along" is aperfect example of misdirection & using lies. Obama has been the one playing the "race card", promoting "class warefare" & out & out declared war on our freedoms, religious & others. & when those who want to defend their rights speak up, they are the ones falsely accused of trying to divide, not unite our country. Well I have news for him, we have never had that "kumbaya" spirit he is claiming exists in the USA. I would suggest this screenwriter watch 1776 for a start. Pay attention especially to the debate scenes. Notice the violence that occasionally broke out. & continued later on in the US Congress for at least a good part of the 1800s. Also pay attention to John Adams when he says "Benefits, what benifits? *" & the play goes on to list those rights & beifits taken away.
Personally, I agree with what Mexican real estate developer Pablo Jose Barroso, the devout Catholic who produced the film, said when asked by the National Catholic Reporter if the film's release -- coinciding with the current activism on religious freedom -- was "God's timing."
"This is the perfect time for this film," he said.
I will close by saying that this is only a preview of what lies ahead in the MSM as the relase of For Greater Glory draws near. Be ready to see more of the same, & worse, on the part of the MSM to ensure that people ignore the truth that we are heading down the same path.

* (Corrected on 29 May 2012 @ 1:57 pm) Over the Memorial Day weekend I dug out my copy of 1776 & watched it again. I noticed I had made a slight mistake & changed the word from rights to what you now read benifits. My point still remains valid. Our rights our being taken away, just as Franklin notes in his joke about the bull & ox.



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