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Monday, May 21, 2012

For Greater Glory - The True Story of Cristiada

Last January in a post, I mentioned a movie coming out that would be telling the true story of the Cristero War (aka the Cristiada) of 1926 to 1929. That movie is called For Greater Glory & will be released on 1 June 2012.  It was released earlier this year in Mexico under the title Cristiada.
On 4 May 2012, Eduardo Verástegui, who plays Anacleto Gonzalez Flores in the movie, was on Laura Ingraham's show promoting it.
This afternoon I heard my 1st radio ad for the movie (on Rush Limbaugh's show). As aninteresting aside, that I do not think is a coincidence, today is the feast of St. Cristóbal Magallanes Jara (Christopher Magallanes) & companions. This group of 25 saints was canonized by Blessed John Paul II on 21 May 2000. Their martyrdom came about during the Cristero War. Fr. Magallanes wrote & preached against armed rebellion. Even so, he was falsely accused of promoting the Cristero Rebellion in the area. He was arrested on 21 May 1927, while en route to celebrate Mass at a farm. He gave away his few remaining possessions to his executioners, gave them absolution. Without a trial, he was martyred four days later with Saint Agustín Caloca in Colotlán, Jalisco. His last words to his executioners were "I die innocent, and ask God that my blood may serve to unite my Mexican brethren." (Note: any priests who took up arms & were killed were excluded from the canonization process.) 1 of those saints, Fr. José María Robles Hurtado, is depicted in the film.
Additionally, The Knights of Columbus are promoting the movie. This is understandable for several reasons. Many of those persecuted in the Cristero War were Knights. Some even gave their lives, like Fr. Hurtado. Additionally, the KCs in the USA spoke out. At the 1926 Supreme Convention in Philadelphia, Supreme Knight James A. Flaherty denounced the Mexican government’s persecution as well as condemned the U.S. government’s silence on the issue. Additionally, they gave whatever help they could to those who fled to the US from Mexico as well as what help they could to those still in Mexico. The KCs also printed articles about what was going on in Mexico in Columbia magazine. As a result Columbia was banned from the mail in Mexico by the Calles regime. (The Voice for Religious Freedom Knows No Border)
But there is a second reason why they are promoting this movie, 1 that hits much closer to home. The message of the movie is 1 of religious freedom. As we have seen by the various actions taken by the Obama administration, (the HHS madate forcing Catholic organizations, schools etc to cover contraception; the attempts to silence the priests in the military form speaking out about it, as well as many other attacks) our religious freedom in the USA is under attack as well. Obama has clearly shown his anti-Catholic bias. & while things are not yet as bad here, they could very well end up there.
I am looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out on 1 June. The message in it must be promoted. As I said, we are heading the same way in the USA & now is the time to speak up.
An additional resource for information on what happenned in Mexico in the 20s is a CD by Patrick Madrid, Battle for the Faith in Mexico. Viva Cristo Rey!. In it he tells what happenned, sometimes with a personal slant since that is where his family came from. He looks at the connections between the persecution & freemasonry.



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