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Friday, May 11, 2012

"Operation Counterstrike" Pro-Abortion Terrorist Pleads Guilty

On 26 February 2011 I shared a post about the arrest of Theodore Shulman who was operating under the pseudonym of Operation Counterstrike (Pro-Abortion Domestic Terrorist Arrested). He had been threatening the lives of several Pro-life leaders including Jill Stanek, Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman, Priests for Life's Fr. Frank Pavone & others. If you remember, I also shared in that post that I was involved in the FBI investigation because of several comments he made on some of my posts.*
Well, I am very happy to report that he pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday to posting online death threats against at least two pro-life leaders, Princeton University professor Robert George & Father Frank Pavone. Sentencing is scheduled for 12 September & he could face up to 51 months in federal custody.
Fr. Pavone (l). Shulman (r)

In a statement Fr. Pavone said: "I hope that his acceptance of personal responsibility for what he did, and his readiness to serve jail time for it, is for him the beginning of a road of conversion and repentance that will reach even to the point of renouncing his position in favor of legal abortion. Violence against me and other leaders is wrong for the same reason that violence against children in the womb is wrong. Both must be rejected.”
Pavone also added “From the point of view of my work as a pro-life leader, I also take this opportunity to point out that violence and threats of violence against pro-life activists are far more common, yet far less visible in the media, than violence and threats of violence against abortionists and abortion supporters. In fact, the latter have used a handful of violent acts by people disconnected from the pro-life movement to try to tar the reputation of the entire movement, and those tactics should have no more place in the public debate over abortion than should violence itself.”
Pavone also said that he extends his “prayers and personal forgiveness” to Shulman.
Troy Newman of Operation Rescue  in a story on their website about the plea said: “We are thankful that Mr. Shulman will be locked up for some time where he cannot hurt anyone. We pray for him that he will find repentance and forgiveness through Jesus Christ.”
Interestingly enough, it was just a few days ago I was asking someone if they had heard any news about Shulman,s trial. It is a relief to know this is over. I have to add that I total agree with what Fr. Pavone & Troy Newman said, we MUST continue to love & pray for those who are our enemies, even when we are the ones accused of the violent things they actually do.

Pro-Abortion Activist Gets Prison, Sent Pro-Lifers Death Threats

 (added 12 May 2012 @ 3:03PM) Have to add that my little part is probably a footnote of a footnote in the investigation. & as is no surprize, there has been minimal coverage of the story. I just did a google search & came across just 2 papers having the story, The Wall Street Journal (NY man admits to threating anti-abortion foes) & The NY Daily News (Abortion extremist faces 4-year jail term)> & I am willing to bet the Main Stream Media will totally ignore it.



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