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Monday, May 07, 2012

Aborted Chinese Babies Being Sold as "Medicinal Cure-All"

For a lot of reasons, I haven't been able to give the attention I want to the  Chen Guangcheng story in China. For now he is stucj in limbo, abandoned by the country that used to be the beacon of liberty & free speech. Now we have a president, Obama & a Secretary of State, Clinton, who support the population tatics in operation in China. So, it is no wonder they threw Chen back to the Chinese. Fortunately, Laura Ingraham has been leading the charge to get the whole story out on radio. Talk radio, LifeNews & LifeSiteNews have been the only ones really giving this more than passing coverage. Of the 3 major network news organizations, only CBS has given more than passing mention of what Chen is fighting.
Meanwhile, another dirty little secret about China's 1 child policy that forces abortions is getting out, what is happenning to the bodies of those murdered unborn babies. This story 1st broke last August in a South Korean SBS TV documentary.
What is going on shows the natural progression of evil. If it is OK to kill an unborn baby, it is OK to make a profit off of the remains of your victim. That is exactly what is going on. Corrupt medical staff are reportedly tipping off medical companies when babies are aborted or delivered still-born. It is also reported that some of the babies whose bodies are used in the pills come from “dying rooms” where newborn infants are left to die by families who can’t comply with the one-child policy China institutes.
The companies buy the tiny corpses. The corpses are stored in household refrigerators in homes & the owners paid to do so. Eventually the corpses are taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves. Once the skin is tinder dry, it is then pummelled into powder. Next, it is processed into capsules along with herbs to disguise the true ingredients from health investigators and customs officers.

Dead baby pills: This is ground baby powder which tests discovered is 99.7 per cent human last year. South Korean officials have stopped 17,000 dead baby pills being imported since last August
The South Korean television crew acquired the dead baby capsules. They ran DNA tests on them. The results found that they were 99.7 percent human. The tests also found hair & nail remnants & the results were able to identify the sex of the baby whose life ended.
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal "Demand for the pills has been driven by the belief that the fetus is a “tonic” for disease, the China Daily cited the documentary as saying. Consumption of human placentas is more common in China, where it is believed to help revive blood supply and circulation, according to the China Daily report. A report in the Global Times, a tabloid published by the official People’s Daily, said the human flesh pill were used to enhance sexual performance."
While they are being touted as having health benifits just the opposite is true. They are highly dangerous as the human flesh capsules contain super-bacteria & other harmful ingredients.
Chinese officials claim they are working to stop this trade. But given their track record, something tells me this is more for appearances sake that that they really are doing something. After all, this provides them a way to dispose of the 13 million aborted babies so that there is no evidence of the evil being done. So, why stop it.
That aside, China has a track record of exporting items that contain toxic ingredients. Last month, China’s drug regulators announced the suspension of sales of 13 drugs (11 Chinese traditional medicines & two antibiotics) after finding they were encased in gelatin capsules that contained excessive levels of chromium. Over the years reports of other items from toothpaste to drywall have been found to contain toxic & even radioactive chemicals. In 2007 Mattell had to issue more than 1 massive recall of toys containing lead paint.
That unborn, & even born babies are being used in this way is just another reminder of the demonic evil behind the "culture of death".
& least you think we can't be heading that way in the West, we already have been there. a 2005 report by LifeSiteNews tells how the trafficking of unborn baby body tissues for use as “beauty” treatments in Russia is going on in Ukraine. & that is just 1 example. Additionally, many so-called ethicists like Peter Singer claim that even after birth that isn't a human being. & the same was recently said by 2 others in a February 2012 paper they wrote. They claim that babies aren’t human until they can become cognizant of themselves. But this recent paper by Alberto Giubilini of Milan, Italy, & Francesca Minerva of Australia, held as a central thesis that since abortion is so commonly accepted there had to be a more expansive use for it. You heard that right, expand the use of abortion. That use should be to cover killing babies born with developmental problems. According to their twisted logic, neither fetuses or newborns “have the same moral status as actual persons,” so it follows, according to them, that newborns with catastrophic birth defects could be killed without any moral reservations. Remember the last time we heard this logic used? Hitler used it to justify the killing of up to 6 million Jews because they weren't human.
Next up, the elderly, senile, those with Alzheimer's, anyone in a coma could be subject to their same criteria. We could see that used as a justification to deny even basic medical care, or food under ObamaCare. They aren't human, so why waste money on them. That is the tact you will see if we keep going in the direction we are heading.
& don't forget how Hilter, stalin & other dictators treated Catholics & dissidents. Following the above logic, all a future dictator would have to do is declare faith a mental abberation taking away a person's humanity. & given Obama's war on faith, that may not be too far off.
Will we be smart enough to learn from the past this time arround? or will we go down the same path that has destroyed so many other cultures? I pray we don't, but fear we may not be too far away from the point of no return. Folks, once again I cry out that we need to repent for the sins of our nation. (2 Chronicles 7:14) Pray, especially the rosary. & we need to actively work to elect Godly leaders to all levels of government. Even if we are at the point of no return, we still must do so because we cannot be silent even when evil is having its way. When we stand before God, we will have to answer for our actions. Or lack thereof.

ABC, NBC Ignore Chen Guangcheng’s Fight Against Forced Abortions

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