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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Much for Another of Planned Parenthood's Claims (Lies)

In this case, I am refering to the arguement they pull out every time a legislature tries to impose even basic regulations that would apply to any other medical proceedure: “abortion should be between a woman and her doctor.” They claim that these laws would "deny women access to the health care they need & deserve.”

Well the fact that that is just a smoke screen is being exposed by what is going on in California. Planned Parenthood has come out in  support of legislation (SB 1338)that would allow non-doctors to perform an early-term abortion procedure. Their reason, another of their old canards I already mentioned the law needs to be changed in order to, as they claim, “guarantee women access to the health care we need and deserve.”
I thought they already had access to that through Planned Parenthood's abortion mills?
But in their attempts to increase profits at the expense of real health care & concerns for the women what they are doing is trying to redefine surgical abortion as something different than what it really is. SB 1338 would change the definition of abortion to void the terms of “surgical” & “nonsurgical” abortion. Currently aspiration abortion is considered surgery in every state. That means that midwives, nurse practitioners, & physician assistants can't do them because they are not licensed or trained to perform surgical procedures.
I hate to say it, but here we go again. This is what happenned in the 60s when they redefined conception to mean implantation, not the actual joining of the egg & sperm to cover up that the pill can be an abortafacient.
This isn't about women's health any more than Planned Parenthood's opposition to even basic regulation is. Planned Parenthood has made it clear it doesn'r care about women's health or safety. Their long track record of covering up rape & incest, of aiding in white slavery, lying about providing mammograms, as well as their promoting of telemed abortions shows that it is the bottom line, not women they care about.
The biggest obstical to the law being passed is, interestingly enough, 1 of their usual allies, the California Nurses Association (CNA). It has nothing to do with a change of heart on abortion. But it does have to do with concerns about the proceedure. The CNA wants to wait until a study by the UC San Francisco is complete. CNA governmental relations director Bonnie Castillo said that her organization believes the study will find that allowing the professionals covered by the bill to perform the procedure is safe. But until it is done, the change in law is “premature at best.”
The fact that Planned Parenthood doesn't want to wait is just more proof of the real motives for their supporting this change.As I said, profits, not women's health. Once again we see how far they are willing to go to spread their lies in doing so.

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  • At 25/4/12 12:16 AM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    The same liberals who say that abortion should be manner between a woman and her "doctor" say that every other medical procedure should be heavily regulated by the state.


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