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Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Very Special Golden Anniversary

Tonite marks the 50th Anniversary of my 1st Holy Communion.
It was at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Oelwein during the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper @ 7:30 pm. In those days, those of us in 1st grade who went to the parocial school received it on Holy Thursday. There was a low Mass earlier which was allowed then under the TLM rules. Otherwise, things would have been over crowded.
As I said, I was in 1st grade. Our book we used for religion was based on the Baltimore Catechism. Part of the preperation was for 1st Confession. Another part was on how to properly receive Communion. For that we were marched over to Church & we ran through the whole thing. We sat in the pews where we would be for Mass that night. We were shown how to go up to the Communion rail properly. We were shown how to kneel & fold our hands as well as how to actually receive Communion. For that part they used oyster crackers. I suspect that this was to make sure we developed a proper understanding of the purpose of the hosts, they are to only be used at Mass. It was also to prevent us from seeing the Consecrated Hosts as merely bread as well.
I don't know of other places that followed a similar tradition of tying in Holy Thirsday & 1st Holy Communion. From all I have gathered, it seems to have been somewhat unique to my parish.
IMHO this is something I would like to see brought back & not only at my parish. I can't think of a better day for a child to receive 1st Holy Communion. I can here some of the argue ments about the extra work. So what? Also, given the lower attendance these days at the Holy Thursday Mass, having it on that day might have a similar effect as it did on me, the importance of all the Easter Triduum liturgies, esp that they are done right.
I have to admit that it took a long time for me to fully appreciate the Real Presence in the Eucharist. No, I have never doubted it. But in those days, I felt that Jesus was far & distant while in the tabernacle. The 1 time outside of Communion I felt close to Jesus in the Eucharist was when I was serving for Eucharistic Benediction after The Way of the Cross on Lenten Sunday afternoons & the Eucharist was exposed in the Monstrance.  I eventually came to understand that Jesus in the tabernacle meant he was close, not far away.

PS: This is the style of Monstrance we had back then. I know it is a personal preference, but it is also the style I like the best.


  • At 19/4/12 7:43 PM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    Happy Anniversary! I've never seen a monstrance like that before. I like it.

  • At 21/4/12 3:33 PM , Blogger Al said...

    Patrick, they aren't that common. Most are round with the sunburst design. I suspect we used it @ Sacred Heart because of the Sacred Heart image at the top.


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