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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why The Iowa Senate Needs To Be In Pro-Life Hands & Why That Would Be Planned Parenthood-Heartland's Worst Nightmare

As the article rightly points out at the end, there is 1 reason why this likely won't happen this year, the Iowa Senate is in the control of the pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood Democrats. Given his past track record, you can be sure that this gentleman will ensure that everything is done to ensure that Iowa continues to give Planned Parenthood $6 million of our tax dollars that could be put to better use elsewhere:

This gentleman is Michael E. Gronstal, Majority leader of the Senate who has done all he can in the past to ensure that Planned Parenthood & other abortionists can continue to murder unborn babies unhindered by even the slightest controls. last year he used his control of the Senate to ensure that late term abortionist Carhart could still come into Iowa while making it look like he was trying to keep him out to the voters in Council Bluffs (Not That I Am Happy, But I Was Right About What Happenned in the Iowa Senate Last Week ) & that is only a small part of his track record.
Planned Parenthood's PAC has donated regularly to his campaign fund. For this year's contest they donated $2500.  In the 2010 cycle when he wasn't up for reelection, they gave him $1600. In 2008 he got $1500. & you can be sure Planned parenthood has encouraged their supporters to give to his campaign as well.
This election cycle is important in so many ways. Most of the focus so far has been on the Republican Presidential Primaries, & the presidential election in November. Yes, that is important. But so are the other elections, from the US House, to state & even local elections like county officials. On all these levels, strong Pro-life candidates MUST be elected. Then their feet must be held to the fire.
& please, do not buy the arguement that all we need is a Republican majority. It isn't that simple.  Take the US Senate for example. You can have 51 Republicans, but if a couple of them are pro-abort, like Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins, you still won't get any bills passed.  You need strong Pro-life people in there. & the message needs to be made clear to the Republicans that they can't simply take us for granted like they have in the past.
I'm sick & tired of this claim that we have to settle for the 2 parties that are out there. Why? Just because they have been the 2 main parties for a long time, doesn't mean they deserve to continue to exist if they won't stand up for what the people want. & what we clearly want is an end to abortion.

Iowa could become the next state to see a fight to de-fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, which has last taxpayer funding in states ranging from Texas to Indiana to New Hampshire.
Republican lawmakers in the Iowa House are working on plans to push for new limits on state taxpayer funding going to the biggest abortion giant in the nation. Chuck Hurley of the Family Leader told Radio Iowa that, while Planned Parenthood doesn’t get funding for abortions, it receives $6 million in state tax dollars as reimbursement for providing birth control and family planning for women that can be obtained elsewhere without supporting an abortion business.
“This amendment would move that money away from people like Planned Parenthood and to comprehensive, full-service health care providers,” Hurley says. “It would not cut any funds. It would redirect them to those that can provide more and better services to needy women.”
“We are urging Iowans who care about using tax dollars wisely to contact their House members right away,” Hurley says.
Radio Iowa provides more about the upcoming battle, which sees Republicans taking the pro-life position while Democrats are expected to battle to keep tax dollars flowing the organization that does more than 25 percent of all abortions in the United States.
This policy debate is likely to occur when the House considers a massive bill that outlines spending for the Iowa Department of Human Services. Back in the 2010 campaign, when Terry Branstad was seeking a fifth term as governor, Branstad mentioned during a debate that he supported a policy that would “defund” Planned Parenthood.
“Unfortunately, it did not happen in 2011. It’s overdue,” Hurley says. “Now, nine other states — at least — have done something similar and it’s Iowa’s turn.”
While the proposal is likely to pass the Iowa House where Republicans outnumber Democrats 60 to 40, it’s unlikely to survive the Democratically-led Iowa Senate.



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