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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rita Diller - Planned Parenthood Can Be Defeated, Here's How

A few days ago I put up a post promoting a presentation by Rita Diller, National Director of STOP Planned Parenthood here in DBQ. That presentation was last nite & was attended by about 80-100 people, including a couple of plants by Planned Parenthood*.

Rita Diller

The presentation ran for about a little over an hour & was followed by a Q & A period that lasted until 8 pm. I will share some of what Rita said, but it would be impossible to share every detail. But I will try & do justice to it as best I can. At times I will also add a few comments based on my own experiences that support what she said.
The 1st part of the presntation was a bit of her background. She was originally a feminist, member of NOW & pro-abortion. After her marriage she decided to join the Catholic Church. After she joined her pastor put her in charge of a middle grade CCD class. 1 day he told her to bring in a a Pro-life speaker to the class. That presentation showed her the truth about abortion. After that she began working with the local Birthright. She began to learn how to fight Planned Parenthood & abortion. She shared that the most important lesson she learned was "Faith is central to winning this battle. Put Our Lady in the forefront."
In the early-mid 80s Operation Rescue came to town. At this time they would block the entrances while praying. Often then Bishop of Corpus Christi, René Henry Gracida, would join them. As laws changed & fines began being impossed for blocking the doors, they prayed being careful not to block the doors.
In 1997 her family moved to Amarillo. At the same time Bishop John Yanta came to head the Amarillo Diocese.  At the time there were 19 Planned Parenthood offices in the diocese. 1 day, Bishop Yanta called Rita into his office & asked her to take over as Respect Life Director. After 11 years all the existing Planned Parenthood clinics either shut down, or disaffiliated with PP. Of those that disaffiliated only 1 is still open. & it has changed its name 3 times in the post PP era.
Rita went on the share why it is critical to shut down Planned Parenthood. In the past 5 years PP has killed about 1.5 million preborn babies. It pocketed $743 million from those abortions. It gets about $1.3 million of government money (our tax money) from government sources. 1 very interesting fact she pointed out, & 1 that helps to disprove PP's claim they need this money for programs to decrease the need for abortions, was the relation between government funding & the number of abortions Planned Parenthood does. The increase in government funding & the increase in the number of abortions Planned Parenthood does have risen almost in lockstep. This is something to remember the next time you hear PP claim their other programs are successful & needed to decrease the number of abortions. If those programs did what they claimed, the PP would be doing fewer not more abortions.
Rita reminded us of a fact revealed by Abby Johnson, the goal of Planned Parenthood is to turn every facility into an abortion center.
Rita described her approach as a 2 pronged attack to stop Planned Parenthood, the 2 des
- De bunking
-De funding
Often debunking is enough to get the job done. Once the truth gets out the defuning naturally follows. & since almost 1/2 of Planned Parenthood's income is from government grants & programs, cutting off those funds will result in PP shutting down.
She went on to share 11 points about what was done in Amarillo that are important in the battle everywhere.
1. Diocesan Pro-life Masses/Consecration to Our Lady of the efforts. (Note: this is a key point. Without seeking God's help we will not suceed. Without Our Lady's intercession our efforts won't be as successful. As I have said so many times, prayer prayer prayer.)
2. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to work. (Another key point, we can make plans, but we must be open to the Holy Spirit as He will guide us in the best ways to go. & sometimes in ways that we, in our human weakness, may miss.)
3. Enlist key players. - Clergy for example.
4. Get someone on the local Planned Parenthood's mailing list. - These days it is usually via e-mail Be sure it is someone that the PP people won't recognize as they will probably take that person off.
5. Go inside the Planned Parenthood facilities - Again someone not known to the staff, ie someone who regularly is praying outside. This helps you to actually know what is going on there.
6. Research is essential. - Know the facts, have accurate data, numbers etc that can back up what you are saying. American Life League, who started STOPP, requires that everything STOPP puts out is accurate.
7. Expose Planned Parenthood's sexualization of children. - STOPP has a new video, Hooking Kids on Sex that has plenty of shocking info. STOPP's website  is loaded with much more. 1 of the examples Rita shared was a book PP puts out called "It's Absolutely Normal." Since it uses drawings not pictures, it can avoid charges of pornography while claiming to be educational.
8. Prayer vigils at the Planned Parenthood Center. (This is something we have done here in DBQ from day 1. The site went from being open 40 hours a week to 17 despite their claims there was a huge need for their services.. & from word of mouth that has gotten back to us, it is because we are there.)
9. Wherever Planned Parenthood is, there we shall be also
a) Planned Parenthood Fundraisers
b) Planned Parenthood fundraisers held by businesses present an unique opportunity.
c) Confront Planned Parenthood award winners (usually businesses given it in recognition of their support)
10. Erode community support. - Done through getting out truth, debunking PP claims
11. Consecrate the fight, arm with prayer, perservere.
Rita went on to share a lot of interesting statistics about Planned Parenthood. This are available at the STOPP website. So I won't share them here. But there is 1 fact she shared about Planned Parenthood of the Heartland that operated the DBQ site, I have to point out. They provided NO referals for aodption during the 2011 fiscal years. Yup, none. That says volumes about what PP really wants to provide, abortions. Another new term that Planned Parenthood is using to cover up its real goals is the use of the term "tele health care". Just like the term "reproductive health care", it is code for something else. In this case, telemed abortions.
Rita also made some interesting points on the pay levels of this self-called cash strapped organization. The average pay of a PP affiliate CEO is $158,275. That puts them in the top 6% of household incomes. Jill June who heads up Planned Parenthood of the Heartland got $265,389 for the 2011 fiscal year. She is one of 30 top Planned Parenthood employees who makes over $200,000 (top 2.67%) & 1 of 18 who makes over $250,000 (top 1.5%). Forgive the sarcasm on my part, but apparently for Planned Parenthood murder pays pretty well.
Rita concluded with 3 points to remember for her presentation.
a) Government money provides 46.5% of Planned Parenthood's revenue (& which enables PP to make its huge profits & pay its top people some of the best salaries in the USA. Those are the PP PP buddy Obama says need to pay more because they are not paying their fair share of taxes. Is it just me who sees the irony in this?)
b) Planned Parenthood must have community support, ever increasing community activism will eliminate community support (Here in DBQ, DCRTL has done that through radio & newspaper advertising, through people writing letters to the editor, through writing opinion pieces for area papers, billboards, etc. Because people are aware of what PP really stands for, they have not been able to gain a foothold in the DBQ Community School district yet. Which we can't take for granted. We must be ever vigilant.)
c) Our Lady will lead us to victory if we have the wisdom to put her front & center in the battle
I want to thank Rita Diller for her willingness to come & help us out in our battle against Planned Parenthood. I only hope I did justice to her presentation.
On a more personal note, I wish to again express my thanks for the great resources STOPP have provided for many of my posts that I shared during the Q&A session. Additionally, as I also shared, her talk confirmed my regular emphasis on the importance of prayer before & after, as well as undergirding any efforts done to battle abortion. Rita additionally brought up an event that I have regularly referd to as well, the Battle of Lepanto, as an example of the power of praying the Rosary & how God works through Mary to bring about victory for His children.
KCRG -TV 9 did a story on the visit for their 6 pm news. Part of the report was done live at the Grand River Center. There is one small error in Katie Weidemann's report. She should have said the DBQ Planned Parenthood doesn't currently provide abortions. As I shared last January, the local PP started advertising that they provide abortions (not abortion referals) last January. While that may have been a more general refernce to the entire PPH offerings. The way the ad was set up, it made it sound like they would definitely be offering abortion in DBQ. I also had to laugh @ PP's claim they don't comment when Right to Life speakers come into communities. They have done so many times to attack those speakers who they especially want to stop their message from getting out.


(Added 19 May 2012 @ 2:19 pm: Yesterday (18 May) afternoon the sign was put up in front of the new location on Hillcrest. If memory serves, they kept the sign at the Central location coverd until it opened. Additionally, on Wednesday afternoon a semi was at the new site unloading. The lease on the Central location is up at the end of June. However, I suspect it will be sooner, rather than later, when the Hillcrest site opens. Probably by 1 June. I live only a block & 1/2 from the new site & regularly drive by, praying as I do. Normally, I am NOT a big fan of the Not In My Back Yard attitude. However, it this case, I am adding my voice loud & clear to let them know they aren't welcome in my neighborhood any more than any other criminal organization would be.
* The reason we know they were plants is because someone recognized them. Since we didn't have anything to hide, it was no big thing. But it does show the difference between Planned Parenthood & the Right to Life side. PP is notorious for keeping things secret, especially what they really do because they are afraid to let the light of truth shine on them. There are times when keeping a low profie is needed but PP does so more often than not because the real facts, like abetting the coverup of rape & incest, would show the truth about the evil PP does rather than the fraudulant image of being good for a community that they like to project. The good face they present is merely a mask for the evil that lies behind all their actions. & as is usually the case, that face is built on lies & half truths.
There are times, as I said, when it is important to keep plans low key, especially when they are not fully formed, or you don't have all you need to back up claims. But it isn't because the Right to Life side has anything to hide. With last nite's presentation the PP plants didn't come away with anything they didn't already know. That the Pro-life side is not going to give up, that we are on the right (correct) side of the issue, Gods & that we will win in the end no matter what they try & do.

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