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Friday, January 06, 2012

It Looks Like Bad News - Planned Parenthood Will Be Doing Abortions in DBQ

Every week the local paper puts out what it calls the THExtra. It goes to the homes of those who don't get the TH with the Wed ads & 4 page mini-paper. Page 1 is usually 2 ads, 1 for each side of the fold. This time it was a 2 part ad for Planned parenthood, something that haven't done for a while. On 1 side it had a bit about the new center coming soon. No definite date. But that is no surprize. It is SOP for PP to keep that close to the vest.
What was a bit surprizing is what it listed under their "wide range of women's health services" for the DBQ site. In the center column between "Prenatal Care" & "Adoption" was "Abortion". No not "Abortion Referal" but ABORTION. When I saw that I called the person who in in charge of the scheduling of protesters to tell her about it. DBQ Co Right to Life was already aware of the ad when I called them Wed AM.
Now what does this mean?  They could have left referal out of abortion to mislead about the fact that they do occasionally do an adoption referal not actually do adoptions. Or it could be that they have accidently let slip their future plans for the new clinic. Either way, it was clearly meant to imply that abortion is only 1 of many services they offer. & not their bread & butter. I may be doing a bit too much psychoanalizing, but the fact that it was right at the center of all the services they offer stikes me as at least a subconscious admission that abortion IS at the center of their business.
IMHO, I think that this was, however accidental, an admission that they will be offering abortions (telemed probably) at the new DBQ site.
& their placing it between adoption & prenatal care was meant to be misleading. It was their way of pushing abortion while, as I said, trying to make it appear as only 1 of many services they offer women. (Although I have no idea why they put "Male Health Services" in the list of women's services rather than seperately.)
The recently released Planned Parenthood annual report for 2009-2010 shows that abortion is their raison d'être. The report showed 329,445 abortions to 841 adoption referals & 31,098 prenatal services. (On that last 1 I have to wonder how infalted that number is by their usual practice of multiple counting 1 person several times if they received more than 1 "service".)

That comes to a ratio of 391.73 to 1 of abortions to adoption referals. It also shows that PP is more than 10 times as likely to abort a baby that provide real health care to a pregnant woman.

There was some good news in all this. The number of abortions they did declined from 331,796 they year before (2351 less).  & they have seen a drop in donations from private sources.

An $85 million drop is not a good thing for them. But it does say that more people are waking up to the truth about PP & cutting down what they give. It also makes the $487.4 million in tax dollars they get even more important to underwrite their profitablility. & the last year has seen that amount drop as well, to 0 in some states. Now wonder they are panicking as they are seeing their taxpayer funded profits go down. In 2009-10 various government bodies used our tax money to provide 46% of their revenue. & the non-profit made an $18.5 million profit. But this does show how dependant they are on tax monies to keep running.
Note: The number of prenatal services also dropped from 40,489 the year before to 31,098, an even bigger drop percentage wise than the drop in the number of abortions. & the number of adoption referals dropped from 977 to 841. On the other hand, the ratio of abortions to adoptions increased from 339.61 to 1 to 391.73 to 1.  In 1 sense that is a good thing because it shows that women are no longer buying into the myth that it isn't just about abortions.
Another good bit of news is the number of closings of PP clinics due in part to cuts in taxpayer funding. LifeNews reports the following from Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP): "'The number of Planned Parenthood affiliates continued to decline from the 1977-1978 all-time high of 191. At the close of the fiscal year in mid 2010, PP reports it had 88 affiliates, operating 840 facilities,' the group adds. 'STOPP research shows that by the end of January 2011, Planned Parenthood had only 86 affiliates operating 785 centers. This decline in facilities can be directly attributed to unprecedented grassroots activism directly targeting Planned Parenthood facilities, and attacks on government funding.'”
But no matter what, 1 fact still remains, abortion is their bread & butter since abortion income was 51.5 percent of its clinic income this last year.

But we ARE winning. & this IS 1 more reminder that we must continue the battle not rest on our successes. You can be sure PP won't surrender. 1st of all by prayer. But then by all the other legal/moral means at our disposal as God leads us. A huge part of that is to continue getting the truth out every way possible.

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