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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kicking Planned Parenthood's PR Arm Right in the "Gutt"macher

For good or bad, until recently, the main source of information (studies, policy, polls, & statistics) about the abortion industry that was out there was that provided by the Guttmacher Institute. It was founded in 1968 as the "Center for Family Planning Program Development", a semi-autonomous division of The Planned Parenthood Federation of America. It was founded by then PP President,  Alan F. Guttmacher* & later named after him. In 1977 it became a seperate (on paper) non-profit corporation. However, even though it tries to claim it is independant, it really works hand & hand with PP to promote their "culture of death" agenda. & as recently as 2009 there is evidence that PP was still subsidizing  the Guttmacher Institute.
It is the source that the Main Stream Media (MSM) goes to for what it claims is an unbiased source (NYT: “nonpartisan research organization on issues of sexual health”). Given that the MSM knows full well that "sexual health" or "reproductive health" are code words for promoting abortion. Interestingly enough, Wikipedia, which is known for its pro-abort bias is a bit more honest. In it's entry for the Guttmacher Institute, it says the Institute "works to advance reproductive health including abortion rights." Hardly unbiased or nonpartisan.
& while the Guttmacher has often provided information that has been used by the Pro-life side to prove their claims (abortion numbers for instance), most of what Guttmacher puts out is clearly aimed at advancing PP's agenda. Or at best, put a positive spin on it. I have often described Guttmacher as PP's PR arm. When PP needs something to counter the truth they can rely on Guttmacher to provide it. Like I said, the gang at the Guttmacher Institute don't aim to provide unbiased facts, but to provide PR spin for Planned Parenthood.

But there is some good news thanks to The Susan B. Anthony List Today they unveiled their new website for the Charlotte Lozier Institute, its education and research arm, which was formed in late 2011. The institute is named for Charlotte Denman Lozier (1844-1870), a pro-life feminist physician who was a contemporary of Susan B. Anthony’s. According to the SBA List press release: "The web site will be a hub for research and public policy analysis on some of the most pressing issues facing the United States and nations around the world.
The site features commentaries, reviews and blog posts by an array of policy experts and scholars whose work covers statistics, medicine, bioethics, health care and law.
“We envision as a crossroads for both new information and fresh analysis of policy questions that vex the modern world, centered on the value of human life and care for mothers, the children they carry, and the family,” commented Charlotte Lozier Institute president Chuck Donovan. “We will address topics from abortion, to population policy, advances in fetal medicine, health policy, and even end-of-life care. We will supplement and encourage existing organizations, as well as provide a balance to existing research organizations embedded in the abortion industry, by focusing on mid- and long-term topics where reflection and deeper examination can make lasting contributions.”
The web site includes articles on such topics as eugenics restitution legislation in North Carolina, the sudden and unexplained surge in abortion in the District of Columbia, the status of Chinese human rights activist Cheng Guangcheng, and the adoption of “whole women” legislation in a number of states to prioritize family planning funding to agencies offering primary care. Topics coming soon to the site include the quality of U.S. abortion reporting laws and the growth of perinatal hospice as a form of compassionate care for parents facing the birth of children with lethal anomalies.
Staff members of the Institute represent some of the most experienced writers and editors in the area of life issue studies. Chuck Donovan is a four-decade veteran in Washington policy circles and has written and spoken widely on public policy issues during work at the National Right to Life Committee, in the Reagan White House, at Family Research Council and, most recently, the Heritage Foundation. Gene Tarne, who edits, is the founder and president of Tarne Communications. He has 30 years of experience in public affairs, journalism, media relations, and issue advocacy, representing a variety of non-profit, international, and public policy clients."
I highly doubt that the MSM (except maybe FoxNews) will present Lozier Institute as unbiased. In fact they will probably demonize the Lozier Institute all the while presenting the Guttmacher Institute as on the side of the angels. In short, the standard operating proceedure followed by the MSM when it wants to avoid the truth rather than admit the facts about abortion & the abortion industry.
But the Pro-life side now has an additional tool (joining such groups as Family Research Council, Population Research Institute & Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute, among others) to get the facts out & to counteract the "culture of death" bias that is the heart & soul of the Guttmacher Institute's raison d'être.

* Another interesting fact about Alan Guttmacher that is omitted from Guttmacher Institute’s bio of Guttmacher, but again, amazingly included on the Wikipedia bio of Guttmacher  is the fact that he was also vice president of the American Eugenics Society in the 1950s. Just like Sanger he was big on eugenics & racial purity. Given how PP has been proven to be continuing its promoting of Sanger's racist eugenics policy (see Maafa 21 among others), you can be sure the Guttmacher Institute is doing so as well.

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