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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Not Only Does Planned Parenthood Condone Sex Selection Abortions, It Uses Our Tax Money to Pay for Them

Live Action has just released the fourth video in their “Gendercide” project, documenting Planned Parenthood and NAF’s support for sex-selective abortion in America. This time they look at 2 Planned Parenthood sites in Hawaiʻi, one in Maui & one in Honolulu. & what should be no surprize by now with anyone familiar with the abortion industry mindset, they are totally fine with a person coming them for a sex selection abortion, encouraging it, & in 1 case, helping the person to get taxpayer money to pay for it.
Maui Planned Parenthood counselor, Leslie Watson, when told  the woman was there to look into a sex-selective abortion said “If that’s, you know, if that’s what you wanna base your decision on—really—it’s up to you.” This flies in the face of Planned Parenthood's claim that they are opposed to sex-selective abortions. It proves their claim is just for PR purposes, not because Planned Parenthood sees anything wrong with them & that they should be discouraged.
Watson's other actions confirm that Planned Parenthood is not only OK with them, they will help the woman to know what to do if they want one. She went on to advise the woman to wait for a late-term abortion so she would be sure of the sex of the child.  Watson told the woman to seek an ultrasound from an OB/GYN. She added that the woman was not to worry if they might judge a sex-selective abortion: “This is your reason and this is your situation. So they should be accommodating because this can help you determine and it’s nobody’s business and nobody’s reason but yours.”
If that wasn't bad enough, things were even worse at the Honolulu site. The Planned Parenthood counselor “Rogue”, not on,ly condones sex-selective abortions, she tells the woman it is okay to have multiple abortions of girl pregnancies so long as the abortions are spaced far enough apart. Again, more proof of what Planned Parenthood actully thinks of them.
But to top it off "Rogue" is willing to help the woman get taxpayer money to pay for them. She  suggests paying for the abortions using Hawaii’s QUEST state health insurance. “So if I wanted to terminate a girl the government would pay for it?” asks the woman. “They don’t care,” replied "Rogue".
That "Rogue" was so willing to help the woman get the money shows what this is really about, the money, not the woman, or the unborn child. It is also a reminder of why Planned Parenthood has been so supporter of ObamaCare. They know it will become a new source of money for them to profit off of. & a reminder of why they have fought so furiously to keep the truth from getting out. We have seen over the past couple of years how the truth has resulted in the loss of funding in some states & how that has cut their profits off as well, forcing some sites to close.
Except for FOXNews, the Main Stream Media has been pretty silent about the latest investigation. Given how it supports Obama, abortion & the "culture of death", this is no surprize. They want to keep this hush hush, especially before the election since Planned Parenthood has endorsed Obama. & this would show that it isn't the Republicans, it is the Democrats who are really waging the war on women, born & unborn.

Video: Hawaii Planned Parenthood helps patients get sex-selection abortions on taxpayers’ dime

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