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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Letter to the Editor In Wednesday's TH

Last Thursday I put up a post about how Jill June lied about the availability of telemed abortions. While I knew it was important to write the post, I also knew I couldn't stop at that & feel I had done everything I could to spread the word. I did pass what I discovered on to DBQ Co Right to Life as well as some Pro-life friends in the area as I saw them. But there was 1 more thing I knew I had to do. That thing was to write a letter to the editor of the local paper. So I mulled over what I should say since we are limitted to 250 words as well as prayed for guidance for the right words. On Friday afternoon I went on to the TH website, went to the submit links, clicked on "submit a letter to the editor", wrote it & sent it. Usually the TH calls before printing a letter & I don't subscribe to the paper, so I was suprized this afternoon before Mass at the Power of Prayer & people began committing me on the letter.
I am happy to say that, except for correcting a couple of typos, they didn't edit anything out. I was also pleasantly pleased with the title they gave it as well.
I am sharing the above as a reminder that prayer should usually lead to action of some sort. For some that should include writing letters to the local paper. Abortion supporters regularly do so. & we need to get the truth out to counter what they say.
Note: At this point, the number of comments are up to 9. & on the pro-abortion side, much what I expected. The pro-abortion people do their best to say June didn't lie, ignoring the actual words used in both cases, or attack me (no surprize, I expect it & can take it), or repeat the same lies in some form. I am also willing to bet I will likely get at least 1 anonymous letter in the mail attacking me as well. I usually do. I point this out, not for sympathy, but to make you aware of what you can expect if you do speak up. Their responses are predictable. But that doesn't matter since the truth will be out there & will probably touch the heart of at least 1 person. It may encourage someone who is Pro-life to go on, it may change a heart, you don't know. All that is important is that you prayerfully speak up under the guidance of the Holy Spirit & God will do the rest.

Letter: Planned Parenthood trying to fool Dubuque 
FROM ALLEN TROUPE 2003 KEY WAY Telegraph Herald| 8 comments
In the TH's June 14 article on the new Planned Parenthood clinic in Dubuque, Jill June said, "At this point in time, the Dubuque health center does not provide abortions, but we won't say we never will."
But KWWL-TV reported that "June said the new location has the ability to provide telemedicine, which can include abortion services if a patient requests the service."
If what she said to the TH is true -- that they do not currently provide them -- then how could she tell KWWL that they do have them available if you ask?
Either they do or they don't provide them. At best she was being disingenuous when she said the Dubuque site doesn't offer them, or she was intentionally lying to the TH.
Either way, she was being less than truthful when she said the Dubuque site doesn't provide abortions. If they provide telemedicine services in Dubuque, then they are providing telemed abortions. June has clearly admitted it.
That wasn't the only misstatement she made. As someone who prayed in front of the old site, I say it was impossible to trespass unless you actually walked into the building. For Planned Parenthood, they consider exercising our free speech rights to be harassment when it isn't. In reality, they hate the idea of us telling the truth about them.
People of Dubuque, don't be fooled. Jill June is intentionally trying to mislead you. She wants to look like they are the good guys, when they aren't.


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