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Friday, July 06, 2012

Obama Administration Continues to Label Pro-lifers As Terrorist, While Abortion Supporters Are Actually Terrorizing Pro-lifers

Given as how much Obama & his administration is in the back pocket of Planned Parenthood & the abortion industry as a whole, it is no surprize that a 31 January 2012 Homeland Security document labels Pro-lifersas potential sources of terrorism. In fact this is in keeping with the long standing policy of the administration to paint Pro-lifers as violent, while ignoring the fact that much, much more violence is done against Pro-lifers by abortion supporters than the other way arround. Additionally, those who attack Pro-lifers are usually at the center of the pro-abortion movement (for instance, the owner of the now closed Rockford abortion mill), while those few people who attack abortion supporters are at the fringes of the Pro-life movement, at best.
The past couple weeks have shown that it is the pro-abortionists who are attempting to use violence & terror to shut us up, not the other way arround. In addition to the story of Keith Mason I recently shared, another  Personhood USA supporter in Colorado was assaulted & put in the hospital.   69-yr-old Everett Stadig was collecting personhood initiative signatures in front of a Denver grocery store on 1 July 2012 when he was shoved to the ground by an enraged abortion supporter. As a result of the violent attack, he fractured his hip.
On 30 June 2012, Steve Kinn, a disabled veteran who walks with a cane due to injuries sustained to both his knees was part of a group of 6 people who bought tickets to an appearance by singer JoDell Nauert at The Angelus in Hudson. They were there to ass out flyers exposing her as the owner of 3 abortion clinics. When asked to leave by the organizers, they did. But when Kinn didn't move fast enough, the property owner allegedly shoved him, making him fall to the ground. He reinjured one of his reconstructed knees to the extent he had to be taken out in an ambulance.
I could go back & list more examples from the below stories, but these 2 make my point. If you are Pro-life, you can expect to be verbally assaulted, or even physically, for standing up & peacefully praying/demonstrating against abortion. Meanwhile, as I have stated before, our very presence is defined by the pro-abortion side as harrassment. They want us silenced. & this labeling us as potential terrorists is just a part of their tactics to try & do so.
The real reason they want to stop us isn't because we are harrassing, let alone terrorizing anyone. There are several other real reasons. 1st of all, the pro-abortion side knows that our very presence in front of clinics does save lives because we do reach some of those women who see abortion as the only answer & give them real alternatives to abortion. Additionally, deep down many of them know we are telling the truth about abortion & it makes them uncomfortable. By being there it convicts them of the sinful actions they are participating in. & rather than admit to the sin, repent & seek God's forgiveness they attempt to silence the messengers.
This is why we must keep praying for them, not returning violence for violence, not always an easy thing, I will admit. We must also not let ourselves be silenced. Look at the example of the early Apostles. In Acts 4, Peter & John were told by the Sanhedren to not even speak about Jesus. Peter's response was to say they had to obey God instead. & so must we. We can be no less silent about the truth than they were. We must speak out in a prayful loving manner.
& if it means arrest, being beaten or even death for living our faith, then we can be assured that we are doing God's will & the cost is well worth it.

Sources: 69-year-old pro-life Personhood petitioner attacked, suffers broken hip
Obama Administration Calls Pro-Lifers Terrorists Again
Abortion Backers Assault Two Pro-Lifers in Violent Attacks
New Homeland Security lumps anti-abortion groups in with terrorists

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