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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Another Story the Pro-Abort Media Will Ignore

Now if this had been the home of Planned Parenthood's CEO, Cecile Richards, (or even Planned Parenthood of the Heartland's Jill June) you can be sure the Main Stream Media (MSM)would be all over it. & rightly so, since violence & vandalism are never acceptable no matter what side you are on.
But since it was someone who is a Pro-life  leader like Keith Mason, founder & president of  Personhood USA, then the MSM will do everything they can to ignore it because it doesn't fit in with the image of Pro-lifers as the only side that uses violence, especially as the main way of trying to end abortion. They will ignore how attacks against Pro-lifers are more common & more the Standard Operating Procedure for those who support abortion. & while Pro-life leaders are the 1st to speak out when someone from the lunatic fringe attacks an abortion provider or supporter, the Pro-abortion leadership is usually deafeningly silent about any attacks on Pro-lifers. Unlike the standard response by Pro-life leaders, the Pro-abortion leaders rarely say anything, let alone disown the violent actions & their perpatrators.
In part, it is because those on the Pro-abortion side usually approve of it being done to Pro-lifers. Additionally, to bring it up will bring to light that they lie when they accuse Pro-lifers as being violent &/or harrassing people.  

According to to LifeSiteNews, on Tuesday 26 June 2012, the home of  Keith & Jennifer Mason (above) was attacked at 1:30 am. The vandals threw a heavy rock trough the front door window.

Additionally, they spraypainting his house with vulgarities & images of coat hangers.

As someone who has had his home vandalised, I can relate to the shock they are going through.
According to the story, he attack likely stemmed from an article featuring the couple in Newsweek magazine which hit the stands 25 June. The article related the successes of the Personhood movement. It talked about how related measures have been introduced 22 times in the campaign’s four-year history. It also quoted pro-abortion leaders who note that the movement presents a “formidable” problem.
After the story went up on line, comments calling for violence against the Masons began popping up. One called for Jennifer Mason to be raped &  forced to carry the baby. Another called for Keith Mason to be neutered & killed. From my experience, threats like this are not all that unusual.
Eventually, someone posted the home address of the Masons. It is supected that is how the vandal(s) found out where he lived.
According to Keith Mason “The article does state that we have three small children, and that my wife is due to deliver our fourth child very soon. It is shocking to consider that someone would be so cruel and heartless to attack a home with a pregnant woman and small children inside. Apparently, the pro-choice crowd has no more compassion for born children than they do for the preborn.” Again, speaking from personal experience, I wholeheartedly agree when he says "the pro-choice crowd has no more compassion for born children than they do for the preborn."
At 1:30 am, most the  family was sleeping. Mason was in his basement when he heard a huge crash. He raced upstairs because he thought that one of the children could have fallen down the stairs. Crossing the front hall he found himself walking through shattered glass. Glass was scattered everywhere throughout their living room & across the front porch, covering their children’s toys and items for the new baby, according to Mason.
After he saw the large rock that had caused the damage, he ran upstairs to check on his distraught family. He then headed for the door and found the front and side walls of his house full of vulgar graffiti, but no perpetrators. The police responded immediately with four squad cars, and an investigation continues.
Mason has moved his family to a safe-house. They have been warned by security that their lives may be in danger.  Mason is currently looking for a new home for his young family.
The good thing is, he refuses to let this terrorism silence him & put a stop to his efforts. He is very much aware that his life is in danger. He thinks the risk is worth it. He told LifeSiteNews  “We’re not going to quit. I think it’s strengthened my resolve and to me it’s an indication that we’re winning.”
I do have to applaud The Daily Beast which is a part of the same corporation as Newsweek. On Monday they posted a story about the vandalism. They also closed the comments section on the articles because of the vicious nature of some of them.
Doing a google search, I found no coverage by the MSM of this story. However, I did come across a story on the Pro-abortion website, Jezabel about the incident. While it does decry the incident, the main thrust of the article is to spread the lie that this action is the exception when it come to those who are "pro-choice". It describes those on the "pro-choice" side as being "relentlessly targeted by anti-choice protesters". The author makes it sound like the hate on the "pro-choice" side is the exception, while it is the norm on the pro-life side. She accuses Mason of being "disingenuous" in his comments about "really bad cats" on the pro-abortion side. She goes on to say that it is "the anti-choice protest movement" who has the "notorious badgering tactics" & sometimes "outright violence".
Who is she kidding???????????? I have never seen hate in any real pro-lifers eyes. Anger at what is happenning to unborn children, yes, hate no. As for violence, well, besides my place being vandalised, I have personally seen the hate in the pro-abortion side. They have attempted to silence us, to threaten us & even attack us at times. She is the one who is being disingenuous, not Mason. & there have been plenty of stories about attacks on people holding pro-life signs, pro-life displays being destroyed, etc.
The Jezabel story is pure propaganda spin, ment to feed into those who are unaware of the truth & convince them a lie is the truth. This is why we must keep speaking out. This is why we must not let them terroize us into silence by their lies. The pro-abortion side knows they are the violent ones. They advocate murder of the unborn, they don't care about the emotional or physical harm abortion does to a woman or the emotional harm done to the father of the child. If they really cared about women being safe from harm then why do pro-aborts oppose even the basic common sense safety regulations other health clinics must meet?
Pray also that God will open the eyes of those on the abortion side to the truth. They are just as much made in the image & likeness of God as any other human being. We must never hate them. We must love them. Yes, we must tell the truth about how horrible abortion is. But often, those involved in the abortion industry were mislead into thinking what they are doing is right. & it is praying & sharing the truth in a loving way that will set them free.

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