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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Can't Make These Things Up - DBQ Frannies Edition

About 2 weeks ago, I did a post that took a bit of a look at what the Leadership Council of Women Religious' annual assembly might include. While it was definitely a spoof, I knew that there was some basis in reality. Especially with the heavy new age focus. So, I included plenty of emphasis of that in the workshops & what would be available for those participating.
Well today I came across some upcoming offerings at the Shalom Retreat Center here in DBQ. Shalom is run by the DBQ Franciscans, home to St. Pat Farrell, the LCWR head honcho. What I saw proved how close to home I hit in my post.
Let us start with this:
T’ai Chi Chih ClassesTuesdays, Sept. 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16; 9:30 – 10:15am
Instructor: Marian Klostermann OSF

T’ai Chi Chih is a series of 20 movements that are slow, gentle, and easily done by anyone regardless of age or physical condition. By circulating and balancing the “chi” or vital energy within us, the T’ai Chi movements promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony and well-being. Marian has practiced and taught T’ai Chi for more than 25 years. T’ai Chi Chih is a modified form
This is an new age as it gets.  Any doubts, you can check out this website about Chi Energy & see how it is tied in to New Age. Or how about this one at White Magic Way? I could go on, but I think I made my point.
Then there is an upcoming retreat about St. Clare of Assisi presented by Sr. Beth Lynn OSC that presents her as the "co-founder of the Franciscan way of life. Besides the historic revisionism the retreat includes the following:
1:00pm Clare As Servant: Foot Massage
(provided by massage therapists from Wellness on Davis)

- Clare’s Prayer: Gaze, Consider,
- Contemplate, Imitate
- Franciscan Charism Today
A foot massage sounds innocent enough, even if out of place at a retreat like this. That is until you look at who is providing it, Wellness on Davis. 1st of all, they are a part of the Shalom retreat center. 2ndly, their massage services include Energy work, Reflexology & Healing touch.
Again, need I point out the New Age emphasis in what they do. You can be sure that philosophy permeates all their massage services.
Something tells me that the take on how St. Clare prayed & contemplated witll contain little to no reference to her Eucharistic focus other than to say how it provides an example
Next we have this:
A Fountain-Making Workshop / ReflectionSaturday, Sept. 15, 9:00am – 1:00pm
Leader/Instructor: Diane Konshak

Wouldn’t you like to build your own unique tabletop fountain? They’re soothing, refreshing and relaxing, and they are easy to make and personalize. In scripture, the well is a rich symbol on various levels. During the fountain making process, participants will explore this symbol at each level of construction and hopefully gain insight into the “hidden springs” within each of us. At the end of the workshop each person will go home with a completed fountain.
Again, it sounds innocent, if a little out of place, yet I am aslo willing to bet the symbolism & the "hidden springs" being discovered have nothing to do with the really spring of Living Water that Jesus gives us through the Holy Spirit.
Finally, there is this series based on a book about Jesus. Sounds OK? Wait until you see how the author describes Jesus.
DAYS OF QUIET & PRAYER BOOK: "Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings and Relevance
of a Religious Revolutionary" by Marcus J. BorgWednesdays, Sept. 12, Oct. 10, Nov. 14, Dec. 12
9:30am – 2:30 pm (9:15am – continental breakfast)
Facilitator: Eileen Miller OSF

Episcopalian Marcus J. Borg is internationally known as a respected biblical and Jesus scholar. This book is described as “a rounded and compelling portrait of Jesus as charismatic healer, sage, and prophet, a man living in the power of the Spirit and dedicated to radical social change.” In it, Borg reveals Jesus as a real man of his time, directing his teaching to the people of his time and place. The book, therefore, challenges readers who want to be true followers of Jesus to listen more carefully to how and what we are called in our own time and culture.
Each session will begin with prayer and each participant will be given a booklet to aid personal reflection throughout the day. Faith-sharing and prayer will conclude each day.

Jesus is described as "dedicated to radical social change", a "religious revolutionary" & "a real man of his time".  In short this book is the very type of historical Jesus that Papa Benedetto warned about avoiding, the type that denies his divinity & reduces him to a merely historical figure. Borg is a liberal Episcopal priest. He says that understanding Easter as being about Jesus’ resurrection as “physical” & “bodily.” "is a distraction."  He goes on to say "To reduce it to a spectacular miracle a long time ago and a hope for an afterlife is to diminish it and domesticate it. It is not about heaven. It is about the transformation of this world. Jesus was killed because of his passion for a different kind of world."In short 2000 years of Catholic & Christian teaching about Jesus' mission & what the Kingdom really is are a lie acccording to him. He undermines the magesterial teaching of the Catholic Church.
While not everything held at the Shalom Center is bad, that they would sponsor events like this shows more proof of how valid the complaints by the Vatican are & why the Vatican is right in calling the LCWR & their affiliated orders to clean up their act.



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