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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Democratic Party is Now the Democratic Religion . . . .

with Obama as its god & abortion as its sacrament.
This week the 2012 Democratic Convention has been going on in Charlotte NC. & they have finally come out into the open about who they have become, what they believe in & what their demonic "culture of death" agenda is.
I want you to think about how Obama was promoted 4 years ago. He was presented as the Messiah who was going to turn everything arround & make this country heaven on Earth. The Main Stream Media (MSM) & many others fell in line & promoted him in exactly that way, thrills, tingles & all. He could do no wrong then, & in the time since Obama has been in office the MSM has done all they can to promote that image that Obama walks on water, despite him failing at everything he promised. In promoting the cult of Obama, they followed the lead of the Fascists in how they presented Mussolini during their rise to power. & like Mussolini, Obama failed.
But that hasn't stopped the deification of Obama by his followers, in & out of the press. As I pointed out a couple months ago, 1 North Carolina state employee has erected a shrine to him. Now one of his worshipful followers has put out a calendar he is selling at the Dems' convention with the following picture for August:
Yes, you read that right, the guy is calling Obama the Messiah* sent from heaven to save us all. LarryD has the video promoting this calendar in a post at his blog. If you can make it through to November without, as Larry says, throwing up in your mouth a little, you will see that the picture is supposed to commemorate Shirley Chisholm being the 1st black woman elected to Congress in 1968. Besides mispelling the last name & saying it happenned on the 55th of November, the focus is on Obama, of course. The picture shows Obama with his back to the crowd & people reaching out to touch him, like they did for Jesus. The caption makes it clear that that is a fairly accurate interpretation. It says "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. - Psalm 23:1".
I have to remind folks that the reason they are following Obama is because they expect him to provide all their Earthly needs so they don't have too. When the crowds followed Jesus after he feed the 5000 he said "Amen, amen I say to you, you seek me, not because you have seen miracles, but because you did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that which endureth unto life everlasting." (John 6:26-27) Jesus condemned the crowds for doing the very thing that Obama wants the crowds to do.
Meanwhile, the 2012 Democratic platform, has had any reference to God in it removed. But there are plenty of references to Obama (over 100 according to various sources) & abortion in it. (Note: late breaking report says that God was just put back in, to the boos of many of the delegates. I suspect this was because of the public outcry & was meant to give Obama cover. The reaction of the delegates in opposition reveals the truth however.)
On the other hand, there is no opposition (allowed) to the plank supporting taxpayer funded abortions. So, despite promises made by Obama  to Bart Stupak (who has finally admitted he was duped) & the rest of us, it is clear he wants abortion treated the same as birth control under ObamaCare & if re-elected, you can be sure the mandate will be there forcing coverage. & probably with no deductable or co-pay either. The platform has dropped the word "rare" as well, making it clear that they don't want to reduce, but increase the number of abortions done in the USA.
Yesterday, one of the featured speakers was NARAL president Nancy Keenan & tonitw will feature Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards. Both of them have been crowing about their open forums to promote abortion. Keenan did so last night. (As an aside, following her logic about politicians making decisions about health care when it comes to abortion, then there should be NO laws on the books regulating any aspect of healthc care.)
Michelle Obama made it clear as well. Of course, none of them will actually use the word abortion in public, just bury it in the platform, that is what they are pushing, unlimited access to abortion with no regulations like those on any other medical proceedure. They might as well use the word in the speeches, since most people already know that is exactly what they are talking about. It is also interesting that the Dems released the platform in the dead of the night, as if they had something to hide. & the MSM is abetting it by ignoring what it says about abortion after, IMHO, leading the attack on the Republican Party^ for being Pro-life last week. Apparently the Democratic leadership thinks the average independent voter is too stupid to figure out that the heart & soul of what the Democratic Party is about is abortion, not all the other things they claim. They might have gotten away with it if they hadn't put so many abortion industry leaders & promoters in the spotlight.
So now we have the Democratic Party making Obama God & abortion their sacrament, what next?
Simple, since Obama is their god, just like it was in the time of the Roman emperor, they will demand he be worshipped. It will require all of us to acknowledging he is god by paying for birth control & abortion. This is the modern equivalent of the pich of incense that all Christians were expected to offer, or face death.
The HHS mandate forcing everyone to have insurance that covers artifical birth control is the 1st step in the modern version of using the power of state to enforce worship of a false god & destroy freedom of religion. Remember, that the Christians were told they could worship as they wanted, as long as they did the 1 thing against their faith, offer sacrifice (incense) to a false god.
You can be sure, abortion will bne added, should Obama be elected to a 2nd term. We have already seen how Obam has used to power of the state to try & force a Church to hire people who don't agree with their beliefs & we are seeing that in the HHS mandate. If the Christians in 21st century refuse, they are facing the threat of heavy fines that could destroy their business or organization. Arrests could very well follow as well. & what is there to stop us from being martyred down the road as well? Especially since Pro-lifers are already labelled as domestic terrorists & can be arrested under current law & locked away indefinitely, with no one knowing where we are.
I don't say this lightly, things are very similar to what it was like in the Roman Empire when the Catholic Church & its members faced that persecution. The economy was bad, so to divert attention, the government offered bread & circuses. Today the government is pushing more & more people to depend on it for food via food stamps. & look at how big a diversion sports have become. The Roman society was also a culture that promoted immorality, abortion etc, just like today. & if we don't turn back, like it, our civilization will fall.
Another example of what may lie ahead is what happenned with the Jewish nation in the Old Testament. Moses warned the people what would happen if they chose to follow other gods. But they said they would serve the true God. Instead, time after time they turned away. They followed the false gods & practices of the pagans, including offering their children up to those gods by killing them (like abortion today). So they faced threat after threat. & only when they turned back to God did He raise a judge up to save them. This continued throughout the reigns of the kings, despite prophet after prophet warning them. In fact the Northern Kingdom of Israel made it public policy to do so, sort of like what the Dems are doing now for our country. They ignored & killed the prophets. & the few periods of reform in Judah never lasted.  Eventually both kingdoms fell.
In 2008, Cardinal Burke warned us that the Democratic party was heading this way. Like prophets of the past, he was ignored by the very people he was trying to get to repent & change course. Those of us who agree with him, those of us who are faithful to the magesterial teachings of the Catholic Church, must follow his lead. Like the early martyrs & the OT prophets, we are being called to take a prophetic stance, speaking out against as well as fighting the evils of our day. We must refuse to offer incense to the false god Obama & the demonic "culture of death", no matter the cost.
Undergirded by prayer we must call our nation to repentance & conversion. We must be evangelists for the true Gospel. Like Peter, Paul & the others in the early Church, we cannot be silent.
I have no idea if it is too late to stop America from being destroyed. But whether it is or not, we still have to be about our mission. Like the 7000 who didn't bow to Baal (see 1 Kings 19:8) we must not bow our knee to the "culture of death". Instead we are to live out our faith in authentic worship of God as well as action by proclaiming the truth. God expects no less of us.
* I want to make it clear I am not saying Obama is the Antichrist. He may or may not be, I don't know. But it is clear that he is 1 of the many antichrists that John warned us about in 1 John 2:18-19.
^ I also want to make it clear that I am not claiming the Republican party is perfect either. Not everything they stand for perfectly aligns with Catholic teaching. But when it comes to the 5 non-negotiable issues in Catholic teaching, we are left with voting against what the Church requires us to support by voting Democrat, or voting Republican. Sadly, even in the Republican party we see many who want to dump the Pro-life stand of the party & have it support abortion as well. This is just a reminder that our ultimate loyalty isn't to any party but to the truths of God as proclaimed through the Catholic Church.

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