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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Abortion Nun, Sr. Donna, Now Spreading Her Heresies on National (Sort Of) News

Once again the infamous Sr. Donna Quinn who is a Sinsinawa Dominican is in the news. As I have reported in the past, she has been an escort at an abortion clinic as well as publicly promoting gay marriage. But usually the attention has been limited to local or regional coverage. This time she got a national, sort or, platform to promote her attempts to undermine the Catholic Church's teachings. I say sort of because she appeared this morning on CNN Newsroom. Their average daytime viewership is only 424,000 in the
latest ratings. That is less than the population of Wyoming.
In her appearance she demanded that a woman be on the ballot as well as women being allowed to vote.
Here is a direct quote: "We women are calling this papal election invalid. It has to be declared fraudulent because it has no women included in the process. By that I mean there are no women on the ballot in the conclave, there are no women voters, there are no women in the whole process, so we're very distressed."
She went on make it sound like every young woman who is Catholic agrees with her stand.  "You know, young women today, they don't respect the church. They don't go to church. They are bright, articulate, intelligent women. They know they are made in the image and likeness of God, and they hold CEO positions, elected office positions, but they are saying no to gender abuse."
Probably the most hilarious part of Sr. Donna's rantings was the claim that in 2005 women had gathered in front of all the cathedrals in the United States to send up pink smoke to symbolize their disapproval of Papa Benedetto's election. Funny, but I don't remember that happening. 
Amazingly, the host, Carol Costello called her on one of her claims, that she was speaking for all Catholic women, especially all nuns. "Let me just interrupt you for a second. You have a very liberal view there and I'm sure many nuns feel the way do, you but not all of them."
But rather than explaining why they didn't feel the same way or having someone on the show to defend the Church's teachings & why Sr. Donna was wrong, Costello went to their Vatican analyst, John Allen. He simply said that change wasn't going to happen. In addition he made it sound like the Church was the one who had the problem with women because of their stands, not that these women had a problem because they were rebelling against Divine truth as revealed in the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church.
You can be sure this was intentional on the part of CNN as they agree with Sr. Donna's stand.
Despite the claims by John Allen, women are welcome & do have a place in the Catholic Church, the one God intended for them. These women who are rebelling are revealing who they are truly following, Satan, the father of lies. He rebelled against God's plan & tried to set himself up as God. That is exactly what these women & those at CNN & elsewhere who support their dissent are doing, following Satan's example. It didn't work for Satan & it won't work for them.

PS: I sent a letter in to the TH about this. It will be interesting to see if the publish it & if they do, if they will do the same dirty trick they did last time, publishing a story then making it look like my letter was a reaction to that story rather than the catalyst that forced them to report the latest scandal at Sinsinawa.

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  • At 27/2/13 11:17 PM , Blogger Patrick Button said...

    Why must journalists continue to interview heretics claiming to represent Catholics? It's totally absurd.

  • At 28/2/13 8:23 AM , Blogger TH2 said...

    I thought she was just a local phenomenum, and was beginning to fade away after the abortion "clinic escort" controversy. Now she's gone national. The defiance is mesmerizing.

    This is really despicable.


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