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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is The Daily Beast Serious About Using This Picture to Depict the Dissident Nuns They Are Extolling?

The Daily Beast has an article about how ever Catholic Nun in the USA wants the next Pope to be "sister friendly" & give them a "fair shake" instead of clamping down on them like the evil Pope Benedict did. Here is the picture they used to depict the nuns they were referring to:

Are they serious?????
1st of all, the article makes it sound like every sister wants what the Leadership Council of Women Religious (LCWR) wants. They do admit the LCWR represents 80% of American women religious. But, as I said, they make it sound like the LCWR represents the mindset of the other 20% as well.
What the article fails to mention is that the LCWR doesn't even speak for every sister in the orders that belong, let alone all American women religious. 
But what really gets me is how they have to use a picture of women religious in their habits to depict those they claim are being persecuted. Maybe it is because they know that if they show the LCWR gang as they really are, people will think they are just a bunch of grannies, not real nuns. 
Also, notice that the picture was taken in front of the Vatican. Odds on are this group of Franciscans is from an order that is faithful to the Magisterium of the Church, not a group promoting heresy & dissent like the LCWR does.
Another fraud in the article is the claim that women are leaving the Church. Maybe those who share the dissent & heresies condemned by the Catholic Church. But not the young women that the article claims are leaving. What the article fails to mention is that those orders that compromise the 20% usually wear habits, have plenty of vocations, almost all young women, & thus are growing in numbers. Meanwhile the LCWR convents are dying from a lack of vocations for the very reasons they claim they are being persecuted for.
Finally the article ends with a statement from one of those dissident nuns, a Sr. Florence Deacon. In it she asks the Cardinals in the conclave to capture the "spirit" that was at Vatican II. She had gone into greater detail earlier in the article about what she thinks this spirit is. It is clear that she doesn't mean the real "Spirit of Vatican II". If she did, then the next Pope will continue to work to clean up the problems in the LCWR instead of embracing the false "Spirit of Vatican II" that they embrace. What he will do is continue the exorcism of that false spirit. That Pope will look at what the documents actually said, not how she misinterprets them. When he does do what he can to give the proper interpretation, they will long for the days of Papa Benedetto, calling them the good old days.



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