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Monday, February 11, 2013

Now Wouldn't His Being Elected Pope PO All Those on the Left

As all the talk has begun about a successor to Papa Benedetto, much of it has made me laugh. Some names that have come up, like Cardinal Arinze, I am fine with. But Cardinal Arinze is 80 & it is likely that someone in his 60s to early 70s will be the next pope. There has even been some talk about an American Pope. It is highly unlikely, but I won't say impossible, that an American, North or South will be elected. What is sure is that whoever it is, the person will be solidly orthodox & committed to ensuring the Catholic Church continues on the path of cleaning out the dissent & heresy while upholding orthodox Catholic doctrine.
I then began thinking who would I vote for should I be a Cardinal at the Conclave. Technically, there are only 3 requirements that need to be met in order to be elected Pope. You must be male, you must be a Catholic from any of the 22 Eastern or Western Churches that make up the Catholic Church & you must be single. That last one isn't absolute, but since the Pope is usually elected from the College of Cardinals, he is single.
I can hear someone say wait a minute, doesn't he have to be ordained before his election. No, there is a procedure in place for that so that he is ordained deacon, priest & then bishop.
So, technically I am eligible to be the next pope. Although we all know how likely that would be.
But, the most likely person to be elected is 1 of the 118 Cardinals eligible to vote. & someone who is probably in  his 60s.
While I am sure there are many worthy successors to Papa Benedetto, 1 man sprang to mind as the ideal successor. He is 64. He is very solid  & orthodox in his faith. He has a deep devotion to Mary, especially as Our Lady of Guadalupe.  IMHO, his only weakness is that he is originally from Wisconsin. But Richland Center isn't that far removed from the closest bit of Heaven on Earth, Iowa. So, I will cut him a little slack there.
If you haven't figured out by now who I am talking about here he is:

Yes, Raymond Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the equivalent of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. 
Last year he made it clear that cooperating with the HHS Mandate was  a sin. He has also made it clear he is opposed to giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians. Those 2 facts alone tell me that he would keep the Church going on the smae path. It also tells me that the liberal left Catholics in Name Only would get the message that what they are proposing is NOT what God wants. I doubt that many of them would listen any more than they already have as they are so caught up in their delusions that they will win out in the end that they are in a major state of denial already.
As I said earlier, it is highly unlikely he will be elected Pope. But in 2005, much as I wanted him, I thought it highly unlikely that Cardinal Ratzinger would be elected either. & we all know how wrong I was then. Whoever is elected will have my prayers & support. Whoever it is, you can be sure that he will quickly come under attack by the left, especially the media, for not doing what they want.


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