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Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet 1 of Those People Obama Said Doesn't Deserve to Live if He Survived An Abortion

It is common knowledge that Obama is so sold out  to the abortion industry that he opposed any efforts to protect children born as the result of a botched abortion. So sold out that  he voted against bills in the Illinois legislature that would protect abortion survivors when they came up. He claims it was because of a fear it would affect the "right" to an abortion. So, in his mind, it seems he sees the right to an abortion supercedes the right to a person to be allowed to live should he or she not be killed as a result of the abortion. Instead he clearly supports letting that child die since, as he heartlessly sees it, that person was going to die anyway
Many people have come forward who survived abortions to show the truth, that he was willing to let abortion survivors die & if he had his way they would have been one of those he saw as worthless.
Of course, they have come under attack for doing so by those who support Obama & the abortion industry. Why? Well to pro-abortion side won't admit it, but these people are living reminders that an abortion kills a living human being, not a blob of tissue.
I say this as a preface to a news story I came across the other day about another survivor of a botched abortion. The story wasn't intended to simply show how a teen who was physically challenged overcame those challenges to come within 1 point of reaching the Indiana semistate competition for wrestling.
The only thing is, they had to explain why he was physically challenged in the 1st place. He was an abortion survivor.
Meet Nik Hoot:

He is a sophomore at Woodlan HS in Woodburn, Indiana. But his story begins in 1996 in Siberia. He was born there as a result of what the medical report calls an "Interrupted gestation 24 weeks." in short, he survived an abortion. But, as you can see from the picture, he lost parts of both his legs. Additionally, his fingers are not fully formed.
Enter Marvin & April Hoot who were looking to adopt because their 4 children were moving out & empty nest syndrome was setting in. so the Hoots decided to adopt because they felt their work wasn't done. One of the 5 children they adopted was Nik.
Nik got interesting in wrestling as a sport as a result of being beaten at home by his younger brother Ged who was involved in club wrestling at Bishop Luers. Nik couldn't let his younger brother get the best of him. So he got involved in the sport. With the help of Woodlan coach, Tony Girod, a strategy was worked out. His freshman year he went to regionals at 106 pounds. This year, he nearly made it to semistate. I am not sure, but I think that is the equivalent of Substate in Iowa. 
He does have a set of prosthetic legs. & a pair of wresting shoes as well. He only uses them in the warmups.

Nik knows that there are some things he probably will never be able to do, like "run as fast as most people." But that doesn't bother him. 
Instead, if this picture I came across is any indication he is a typical teenager that does typical teenage things.

 As you will find out from this WANE-TV15 video, his athletic prowess extends to other sports as well. The video also shows that Nik clearly knows abortion is wrong & isn't afraid to say so. His family also know that every child deserves the right to live as well as a loving family.
I know that he didn't seek this attention from the Pro-life community. All he is doing is living his life. I am not lifting him up as a role model. I leave that to his parents.  All I will say is that he is a reminder that this is why abortion is wrong. It denies those people who, as a result of an abortion, the right to live.
Even if he never intended to, by his success, he is also forcing the media to pay attention to his whole story. & that includes what abortion really does, kills, or in this case, causes physical harm to a human being. I hope that he is able to continue his pursuit of excellence in wrestling up to & including the Olympics. (I won't go into their threat to drop the sport for the 2020 Olympics other than to say that if they do, it will be the final nail in the coffin destroying the modern Olympics movement.)
You can see 2 of his matches in videos he has posted on YouTube here & here.


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