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Friday, July 27, 2012

Margaret Sanger, The Most Influencial Promoter of Evil in the History of the USA

Time Magazine recently came out with its list of The 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time. it describes the list as "The trailblazers, visionaries and cultural ambassadors who defined a nation." While you would expect that list to include people like George Washington, Albert Einstein & Martin Luther King Jr., some people may be surprized to see Margaret Sanger included on this list. After all, she was a promoter of racism & eugenics as well as starting the organization that is the leading cause of death for preborn children.  But when you think about it, it should come as no surprize she is on that list.
Let us remember that our current president & his administration are huge promoters of the "culture of death" that she is one of the architects of. She is also lionized by those in the Main Stream Media who are the propagandists for this culture, including Time Magazine. So by what type of culture they are promoting, she clearly fits into their definition of trailblazer, visionary & cultural ambassador.
The article by (no surprize here either) Gloria Steinem is subtitled with the phrase, "freedom fighter".
The short article is a paean to Sanger that makes her sound like she was a saint that walked on water & did no wrong. But given the fact that the "culture of death" sees abortion as a sacrament, by their definition she is.
The article applauds her "brave and joyous life", saying that it "included fulfilling work, three children, two husbands, many lovers and a large network of friends and colleagues." What it fails to mention is how she was a racist who wanted to get rid of blacks (see Maafa 21 & The Truth About MARGRET SANGER for more). Among the others she wanted to get rid of were Southern Europeans including Italians, like my maternal side of the family. She was also a big fan of eugenics & forced sterilization, despite claims in the article "lived as if she and everyone else had the right to control her or his own life." Forced sterilization isn't exactly allowing a person the right to control his or her body. She also supported compulsory segregation for the severly retarded. I suspect she would be applauding the fact that 90% of Down syndrome children are being aborted these days as that helps keep the white race pure by her standards. Sanger also spoke to a  women's auxiliary of the Ku Klux Klan in Silver Lake, New Jersey that was well received & resulted in more invites to speak elsewhere.
Additionally she was a self-admitted socialist. She was also opposed to all forms of welfare to the poor because they were part of the problem she saw with impuritites in the white race. She wanted them to die out so their genes would be taken out of the mix.
Of course none of this fits into the picture that the people promoting this evil want to present. So they hide the truth about her.
The Steinem piece ends by saying "By word and deed, she pioneered the most radical, humane and transforming political movement of the 20th and 21st centuries." While what she did has radically transformed the culuture, is has been anything but for the better. As for humane, well, all anyone has to do is look at the facts about how Planned Parenthood & other abortion providers actually operate to see that they are anything but humane.
In a sane culture we would be condemning her agenda, not putting it in to action. & above all, we would be listing her with people like Nero, Stalin & Hitler, not Washington & Martin Luther King Jr.

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