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Monday, July 23, 2012

Why the "Culture of Death" Doesn't Want the Truth Told About Abortion

Over the past few days the news has been covering the shootings in Aurora Colorado last Friday morning. There is only 1 word to describe what happenned, EVIL. Pure, unadultarated evil is what was behind the destruction of those lives. People are right to have the horrific reaction to it that they are. They see it for the evil it is & reject it as something totally unacceptable.
As I was thinking & praying about it this morning, it crossed my mind that that event showcases the reason why the "culture of death" doesn't want the truth to get out about abortion, or the rest of their agenda for that matter.Those who are promoting that culture know that if peoplesee it for the truly demonic evil that it is, they will be as quick to reject it as they do any other mass murder or holocaust like what happenned under Stalin, Hitler or the Khmer Rouge. That is why the demonic "culture of death" is doing all it can to keep the light of truth from shining on the evil deads they prefer to keep people in the dark about.
This attack is multi-pronged. It is done so they can do their best to keep even the slightest gliimer of the light of truth from being seen. & where it is being shone, to put that light out. Most of us are familar with the various attacks being used. But, how often do we see them as a part of an overall strategy? I'd like to take a look at some of those strategies & then look at some of what we can do to combat them.
The 1st one I want to talk about is how the abortion industry opposes the use of ultrasound/sonograms before an abortion. The industry knows that if a woman sees the child in the womb, that over 80% of them will not go ahead with the abortion. The abortion industry tries to say that the unborn child is just a blob of tissue. The sonogram shows that just the opposite is true. This is a living human being. (Read more here)
Ultrasound has also resulted in videos that show the development from day 1 is a continuum & that it is a human life from the start. To counter that, the "culture of death" has so-called "ethicists" who are now promoting the idea that the child doesn't have the right to be called human or live until it earns that right in some way. & even more recently, I read an article where someone is now pushing doctors to never use the term child with the unborn baby, even if the parents want to have the baby.  In short, since they cannot hide the truth any more, they are trying to mislead people so they don't see it. This is the same method used before ultrasound to make people think it was just a blob of tissue. It was also used in the 60s to cover up the truth that birth control pills can cause an abortion by redefining conception from when it actually happens, fertilization, to implantation in the lining of the uterus. We still see that today, including with the use of the morning after pill.
We are seeing a similar attempt at redefinition in the euthenasia movement as the truth about that comes out. Even more than in the past,Planned Parenthood is now using misleading language to avoid answering questions about what the do truthfully.
Next up, since it is tied to the above, is the attack on crisis pregnancy centers CPCs), especially with laws to shut them down by attacking their 1st amendment rights as well as slandering them. By using the deception that they accuse CPCs of, the "culture of death" tries to say they mislead women. They also hate the growing use of ultrasound equipment at CPCs. They know that CPCs don't merely work to keep women from having abortions, these places provide women with alternatives that promiote life, not death.
Another thing the "culture of death" hates are those organizations that have programs to show the truth about what an abortion really does to the child. I know that some Pro=lifers have problems with the graphic pictures they use, especially in public displays. But the reality is, just like with what happenned in Nazi Germany & to blacks under slavery, it took people seeing the truth about what happenned in those situations to reject it & fight against it. We see people who still deny the Holocaust by claiming the pictures were faked. & we see the same thing these days by abortion supporters who try & deny that is what really happens as a result of an abortion..
This is why they try to stop people with signs showing the truth from setting up the diplays. When they are set up, you will see people attack them & do what they can to destroy them. Or they will try & get the people (especially student groups) arrested for trespassing. We see a similar attack on Pro-lifers who peacefully & prayerfully stand before abortion clinics. The whole purpose is to silence those speaking the truth.
This is also why they attack groups like Live Action & others who go undercover. The abortion insutry tries to paint what they are doing as hoaxes. Or they say, even when shown otherwise, that the tapes were edited to mislead. These groups are attacked because they are bringing to light the truth about the abortion industry.
Next up we have the attack on the Catholic Church through the HHS mandate. Yes, it is an attack on religious freedom. & that is why you see evangelical Christians & others in the Pro-life camp who may not totally agree with the Catholic Church's teachings on birth control for example. They know that at the root of these attacks is an attempt to push the Catholic Church out of the public square. In fact to silence anyone who is a believer & proclaims the truth.
The "culture of death" knows that the Catholic Church's magesterial teachings proclaim the light of truth on life issues. The Catholic Church has been the one Church to consistantly tell the truth about abortion, sex outside of marriage, gay marriage & the rest of theier deadly agenda.  In shining that light, it brings the evil of the "culture of death" out of the darkness where it prefers to remain.
Besides the attempts at silencing from without, we are seeing a not so clandestine 5th column working from within to undermine the Catholic Church by saying that it is OK to ignore what the Church is teaching. Of course I am refering to such people as Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sibelius, Tom Harkin, Tom Vilsak & VP Biden among many others. This is an attempt to keep people from looking at the truth as they should by creating confusion.
& while evangelicals & other protestants who are Pro-life don't have the fullness of the truth, to the extent that they do, they are letting the light of truth shine as well. & that is why they are coming under attack as well to silence them.
So what are we to do.
As I have said so often before, 1st & formost this is a spiritual battle. The "culture of death" is demonic in origin. & it is spiritual weapons that will defeat it. So that means, pray, pray pray.
We also must repent for the sins of our nation.
But prayer does not absolve us from taking action where we can. Yes, some people are homebound, or in a hospital & unable to be active as most people define it.  But they do have an active role. God is calling them to be prayer warriors, interceding for all of us out on the fronty lines. They can also offer up their suffering as a form of intercession as well.
For the rest of us, there are plenty of things we can do.
If there is a Planned Parentood clinic or other abortion provider nearby, volunteer to prayerfully protest in front of it. Give what financial support you can to Pro-life organizations, local & national. Also do the same for crisis pregnancy centers. Some of them operate on volunteer help as well. Write letters to the paper telling the truth about the abortion industry. Be sure your facts are straight. Don't rely on emotion. There are some groups out there who put up Pro-life billboards. They often rely on financial help as well. Then there are blogs & your Facebook page as well
No one of us can do everything. Nor is God asking us to.  But each of us does have a role to play in this battle. We must start end & undergird everything we do with prayer. & yes, I do that with my Pro-life posts as well. I regularly seek God's guidance. In the end we also need to remember that it isn't us who will bring about the victory. It is God who will. Our responisbility is to do what he calls us to. & in doing show let our light shine before men. Doing so, we let the light of truth shine in the darkness to enable those who are mislead to the truth. We cannot worry about acceptance or rejection. That is not our concern. In these times it is more urgent than ever to let our light shine. We must remember, we are not alone. We must support one another. & we must rely on God for our strength. as well as to guide us. & go forth with the assurance, not that God is on our side, but that we are on God's side. & if weare, we are on the winning side.

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