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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Planned Parenthood - Leading the Worship of the "Culture of Death" at the Altar of Abortion

This is taken from the 13 Oct 2010 American Life League's STOPP Report. It is actually 3 stories. The 1st 2 look at how Planned parenthood is becoming the leading evangelist for the religion of abortion.
I have posted on this many times before. But enough can never be said on the demonic roots of the abortion industry. Many of us have also pointed out howabortion is the modern version of child sacrifice to Molech & other pagan dieties that were of demonic origin. Well folks, "abortia" is the latest demon to join that line of false gods & goddesses.
The 3rd is in a lighter vein & shows how 1 student was able to not only silence a PP spokeperson in his class, but to actually get her to leave early.
Abortion worship has moved to center stage this week with the publication of Jill Stanek's exposé of a radical feminist mother who worked at Planned Parenthood and an independent abortion mill, and forced her young daughter to play an intimate role in the culture of death, culminating in the celebratory slaughter of her own grandchild.

Through the years, several books have been written by "religious" abortion promoters and radical feminists that attempt to sanctify abortion, and subsequently abortion has been referred to by Planned Parenthood officials as "sacred." A few examples:

  • The Rev. Tom Davis, chair of the Clergy Advisory Board of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, penned a book entitled Sacred Work: Planned Parenthood and its Clergy Alliances, in which he attempts to morally justify abortion as being demanded in the name of social justice.
  • Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions, written by Daniel Maguire, is the centerpiece for a global initiative that seeks to give moral license to contraception and abortion. It is linked from the website of Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes.
  • The Sacrament of Abortion, written by radical feminist Ginette Paris, calls for "restoring abortion to its sacred dimension." She cites as an example the pagan goddess Artemis in giving justification for taking innocent human life and believes abortion is a sometimes necessary and sacred sacrifice. She says that until women have power over both life and death, they don't have any real power.
  • When Planned Parenthood opened its new abortion facility in Schenectady, New York, the Albany Times Union reported that in a ceremony called "On Sacred Ground," the Rev. Larry Phillips of Schenectady's Emmanuel-Friedens Church declared the ground "sacred and holy... where women's voices and stories are welcomed, valued and affirmed; sacred ground where women are treated with dignity, supported in their role as moral decision-makers... sacred ground where the violent voices of hatred and oppression are quelled."
  • In June of 2010 when Planned Parenthood opened its 78,000 square foot abortion mega-center in Houston, Planned Parenthood referred to it as "sacred and holy ground."

Those deeply involved in the pro-life battle have long known the reality of the dark religion of abortion.

  • In 1989, Texas pro-life activist Chad Traywick discovered the mutilated body of a late term preborn baby in a Houston abortion center. He took pictures of the baby and had them developed at a local quick photo lab. Returning to his home after dropping off the photos, he found his home surrounded by the Houston SWAT team. They told him that the baby was mutilated in a way identical to mutilations done as a part of satanic worship services. The baby was named David, and the tragic photos of his mutilated body appear today on Priests for Life website. Chad was a guest in my home shortly after he found Baby David, and related the story to me personally. Posters were made from the horrifying pictures, and have been used widely at Planned Parenthood abortion centers to save lives.
  • This week Jill Stanek presented a particularly chilling story about Abigail, the daughter of an abortion nurse, detailing the horrors of a young girl who grew up with a radical feminist mother who worked at Planned Parenthood and an independent abortion mill. She celebrated her own abortion, put Abigail on oral contraceptives at the age of 11, forced her to wear Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered pins on her backpack and encouraged her to identify herself as bisexual at the age of 12. At 13, she forced Abigail to be an abortion "deathscort", and forced her to have an abortion when she was in college. The abortion procedure took place within the context of a celebration, with Abigail surrounded by her mother's friends - one of whom drove many miles to join the celebration. Abigail remembers her mother telling her how proud she was of her immediately after the abortion - the only time in her life her mother had ever expressed such sentiments.
    Abigail told Stanek that abortion worship is very real. "It can sound fantastical, but some go so far as to worship death goddesses like Kali and Hecate and consider abortion to be a form of sacrifice," she said. This article by Jill Stanek is a MUST READ. It is a horrific story of how evil & demonic the abortion industry is. IMHO Abigail's story is 1 that shows how God can work in even the worst situation to turn a person's life arround & bring healing & forgiveness to that person. Pray for Abigail's mother that God may touch her heart & set her free some day as well.
  • In June of this year, Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, then-president of Human Life International and an official exorcist of the Catholic Church, wrote that "no human activity glorifies Satan and his minions more than abortion." He wrote further:
    The abortion industry is our modern-day Valley of Slaughter, where abortionists offer ritual blood sacrifice to that ancient demon of child murder. Their work is in every way the key ritual of a demonic religion. Yes, a religion: Abortion has an infallible dogma ("choice"), a ruling hierarchy (Planned Parenthood), theologians (feminist ideologues), a sacrificing priesthood (abortionists), temples (abortion mills), altars of sacrifice (surgical tables), ritual victims (babies and also women), acolytes and sacristans (clinic workers and technicians), guardian angels (police and death-scorts), congregations (leftist foundations and private supporters), and its own version of "grace" that makes everything work (money).

The battle against Planned Parenthood is a battle against the forces of evil. It is extreme spiritual warfare, and if we are to be successful in defeating this most vile manifestation of evil, we must clothe ourselves in prayer and daily seek divine protection and intervention. On our website you will find prayers of consecration of this battle to Mary, the Mother of God, as well as signs that you can carry with you when you go to Planned Parenthood to pray. Be sure to avail yourself of her most powerful intervention and pray the rosary for an end to the slaughter of the innocent.

Planned Parenthood activism: A new job-turned-religion

Planned Parenthood is hiring young people to canvass the streets, talk about "women's rights" and solicit funds. Cassandra, a recent inductee, says on her blog: "I have a new religion; it's activism!"

It comes as no surprise that she was led to her Planned Parenthood employment by the career fair at her school. College campuses are strategic targets for Planned Parenthood presence and propaganda.

Cassandra was interviewed and hired on the spot (at her school career fair) for a three-day trial run to see whether she could raise money for PP on the streets of New York City. She raised $65 the first day and $410 on her last day, before she quit, she says, due to her overloaded schedule. She promises to come back to Planned Parenthood, however, because it is her new-found "religion."

This young lady is typical of many college students: already schooled in radical feminism, searching - as evidenced by her recent blog on Mormonism - and easy prey for Planned Parenthood which offered her money to promote its evil agenda when she was struggling to find a job.

Most women who have abortions are college-age. Your local college campus is a place that you cannot afford to overlook in your quest to eliminate Planned Parenthood from your community. Do some research today and find out what role Planned Parenthood is playing there. Then organize a campaign to expose Planned Parenthood to the community. It is crucial that students who are opposed to Planned Parenthood run the campaign to remove Planned Parenthood from the campus, with the assistance of local pro-life groups.

Here is a link to the list of current VOX (Voices of Planned Parenthood) chapters across the country.

Today is the time to act. Planned Parenthood zealots are running a well-organized, over-funded machine that, left unchecked, will be the cause of the collapse of our society.

It is up to people in the local communities to fight Planned Parenthood at every turn, to build a solid wall of resistance to Planned Parenthood and its forceful advance into our communities and campuses. Begin with prayer and launch your college campus research today.

Student surprises Planned Parenthood speaker with a question she refuses to answer

Spokane 40 Days for Life relates a recent story from a local school where a student didn't take the Planned Parenthood "talk" without fighting back.

A Planned Parenthood representative gave a talk last week to a health class at a Spokane, WA, high school. At the close of her presentation a sophomore raised his hand, and when the speaker called on him to speak, he asked her what it feels like working for a place that kills babies.

Her response: "Um, I forgot I had to leave before the bell rang." (I don't think so!) And she exited immediately. (I am sure she wouldn't have exited so quickly if the student had asked how do you like working for a wonderful place like PP? In fact, I suspect she would have offered to stay overtime to promote PP.)

Kudos to this sophomore for asking a most poignant question. It's a shame someone at the school decision-making level didn't ask that and many more questions, and exclude Planned Parenthood from the campus before it had a chance to reach the young people.

Our new STOPP website has an entire section devoted to keeping Planned Parenthood out of your schools. Please visit us and begin working today to cut Planned Parenthood off at the pass before it has a chance to reach our young people in their classrooms. To which I add my voice urging you to take advantage of their excellent tools so that more students like the Spokane sophomore, as well as parents, are able to go on the offensive when PP enters their schools.

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