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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Joyous Milestone for 40 Days for Life

& these are just the ones they definitely know about.

DAY 20: Milestone — 3,000 saved

40 Days for Life just reached a huge milestone, but first I have to share an AMAZING story.
Last week I showed you pictures of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Reno, Nevada — where the abortionist uses a sprinkler system to soak the people praying outside his fence. Despite this aggressive hostility, we just received an incredible report from that location.
A woman driving out of the abortion center’s parking lot stopped to ask one of the local volunteer for her phone number. Shortly after, the volunteer received a text message.
This text sums up what 40 Days for Life is about — and the impact a local vigil can have. Here is the exact text message:
I just wanted to send you guys a text to let you know that what you do out there does make a difference.
When I went to that abortion clinic last week to drop off my money to terminate my pregnancy, I saw people standing out there with signs. I didn’t expect to see that and part of me felt ashamed.
I drove through the gates anyway and went inside, gave them my money and made an appointment for 2:30pm today.
As I was driving away I couldn’t help but think that maybe there was another way. All this week I thought and prayed about it and I realized in my heart what the right thing to do was.
I can’t help but think, that had you guys not been there that day to remind me that I had another choice, that maybe one more baby would have died today.
Don’t stop what you’re doing. It matters. It did to me. From the blonde lady in the white SUV who picked up her money instead of aborting her baby today
And that’s just ONE of the 3,000 lives God has saved — that we know of — thanks to YOUR prayers and efforts since the very first coordinated 40 Days for Life campaign started in the fall of 2007!
THREE THOUSAND — to God be the glory for reaching this major milestone!
That’s a LOT of children and mothers spared from abortion. And that’s a lot of GREAT stories … like the one I just received from Carol in Houston: “This e-mail is to CONFIRM that God saved TWO BABIES this morning at the mega-abortion Planned Parenthood facility!”
A group prayed while one volunteer, holding a sign reading “Pray to end abortion,” waved at cars driving by. After a while, a van turned into the Planned Parenthood parking lot. They drove around — slowly — then headed towards the exit.
As they reached the street, the van stopped and a woman rolled down the window. “Because you were here,” she said, “my daughter has chosen NOT to have an abortion.” The daughter was weeping in the back seat. “Thanks for being here and saving her baby.”
A short time later, a couple in an SUV went in and out of Planned Parenthood a couple of times. They finally drove out and they, too, told the volunteers that they could not go through with the abortion.
Praise God for these — and all — the 3,000 lives saved from abortion due to local 40 Days for Life campaigns. And THANK YOU … for your prayers, your fasting, your steadfast response to God’s call.



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