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Monday, October 11, 2010

DCRTL Speaking Up About Telemed Abortion Dangers

The comments on Steve's letter in the CR Gazette ran about as I expected. They either attacked him because he was a male or they repeated the usual lies about how Planned Parenthood provides services unavailable elsewhere, or the old "reproductive rights" excuse.
The problem with a "letter to the editor" is the limit on the size of the letter (a limit that has grown to make the length smaller over the years) that prevents you from going into details. & most papers don't allow the full blown response needed for an issue like this. Thus those who support abortion can spread their lies easier while those defend life are at a disadvantage.
A prime example is the claim of safety of the proceedure by PP. As I pointed out in a post the other day PP's claim of no complications for 2000 "telemed abortions" is very suspicious as an Australian study of 3000 RU486 abortions had a 4.1% complication rate.*

Telemed abortions risky to women’s health, lives

The Gazette’s Oct. 5 editorial “Focus on reducing unintended pregnancies” is flawed and provides a one-sided biased viewpoint on telemed abortions.
Telemedicine is meant to benefit patients living in rural areas with limited access to larger cities and hospitals. The 16 Planned Parenthood facilities offering webcam abortions are all located within an hour of a city and a hospital.
The woman never sees her ultrasound and is never examined by a doctor. It is all e-mailed to the doctor outside of her sight.
The failure of a doctor to physically examine the woman avoids detection of risk factors that could lead to complications following ingestion of the abortion pills.
Jenifer Bowen is correct when she states there have been no verified health emergencies among the telemedicine patients who have taken the abortion pill. This is because the women who take the pills are not mandated to return to Planned Parenthood for a follow-up visit. Furthermore, complications will result in emergency room visits that may or not be revealed as caused by abortion pills from Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood and its kind are always promoting service to its customers. We believe that service should never trump women’s health. Abortions via webcam endanger women’s health, and provide another option for Planned Parenthood to maintain their profit margin and abortion quotas.
Join with us to oppose this practice of placing young women’s health and lives at risk.
Steven Brody
Executive Director
Dubuque County Right to Life Inc.
*Here is the comment I posted at the Gazette website about someone's claim PP was telling the truth about the safety of "telemed abortions":
Planned Parenthood – Heartland claims that off the approximately 2000 telemed abortions they have done, there have been no problems or complications. That is very hard to believe as a recent Australian study of 3000 abortions using RU486 according to protocols showed a 4.1% complication rate requiring surgical abortion or emergency surgery.
Planned Parenthood has gotten into trouble elsewhere for failing to follow RU486 protocols. & according to the protocols, the way PP is doing them in Iowa is not the correct proceedure either. PP sends the followup drug home with the woman instead of requiring her to return for it as the FDA protocols require. Nor do they follow many of the other protocols.
PP across the USA has also been caught covering up stauatory rape & incest as well as giving out false medical information. So why should it be assumed they are telling us the truth when it comes to their claims about telemed abortions?

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