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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Abortion Mill Director Found Guilty of Fraud

Last month I put up a post about Linda Meek & her filing a false bombing attempt with the police. Well, she has been convicted. But she is asking for leniency, since “nobody was ever in danger." Maybe not physically, but it sure seems like she was trying to do harm to the Pro-life movement by making it appear this was another attempt on our part to use violence. But I think that it is safe to assume that in her mind Pro-lifers are the enemy & any harm to them doesn't count.
Of course Planned Parenthood of Oklahoma City chief executive Anita Fream claims it isn't the policy of abortion rights activists to make pro-life advocates appear violent or dangerous. Is she refering to what the Heartland PP spokesperson meant when she said the following about a Crisis Pregnancy Center opening next to the Sioux City Mill: “Our hope and expectation is to have good neighbors who are law abiding and respectful.”? Or how PP helped the Obama administration with a FBI training seminar in August with the main focus of declaring as "violent" the free speech activities of pro-life Americans?
Again, you will notice how little attention this has gotten from the Main Stream Media. They are ignoring it because it would show how the abortion industry is willing to resort to violence to make Pro-lifers look violent.

by Steven Ertelt Editor

Tulsa, OK ( -- The former director of the Reproductive Services abortion center in Tulsa, Oklahoma has pleaded guilty to charges of making false or misleading statements after telling police she supposedly found a bomb at the abortion center.
Linda Meek reported on August 13 a bomb had been placed in a trash receptacle, but she told the court on Thursday she purchased an egg timer and place that in a trash bin and called the local police to report a bomb scare.
Officials took the threat seriously and the abortion center and a building adjacent to it were evacuated after Reproductive Services noticed an odd box in the trash bin.
She left her position with the abortion business after the false report and, on Friday, pleaded guilty in court to falsely reporting a bomb threat.
Meek, who is 63, will be sentenced in January and she faces up to 5 years in prison on the charges. U.S. Chief District Judge Claire Eagan accepted the plea and Meek remains free on bond until the sentencing hearing.
According to the Tulsa Beacon newspaper, Meek waived her right to have the case presented to a federal grand jury early last month and waived her right to a jury trial this past week.
Meek did not provide the court with a reason for engaging in the false bomb threat and her attorney, the newspaper indicated, asked the court for leniency, saying “nobody was ever in danger."
Documents filed with the U.S. District Court in Tulsa determined that a "suspicious" box found in the trash was harmless.
Tulsa Police Officer Leland Ashley told the Tulsa World, "She told us that the box in the trash can didn't look like trash the clinic usually throws away in that trash can," but would not confirm reports that Meek told officials she heard the package "ticking."
AP interviewed pro-life advocates who said they believe Meek was trying to make it appear they were responsible in order to get the pro-life side bad press in the media and have authorities focus on them.
Rep. Mike Ritze, a Republican state legislator, said the bomb scare is part of what he considers a growing trend of abortion advocates trying to make pro-life people appear violent or extremist.
"Either she did it maliciously to harm the opposition or is trying to draw attention away from the abortion industry," the doctor and legislator said.
Tony Lauinger, chairman of Oklahomans for Life and vice president of the National Right to Life Committee, said he thought "there was an apparent rush to judgment" on the part of Meek and abortion advocates, according to his interview with AP.
Planned Parenthood of Oklahoma City chief executive Anita Fream said she couldn't comment on the bomb scare but denied any policy attempting to ridicule pro-life people.
Reproductive Services has frequently taken state laws to limit abortions to court in an attempt to have them overturned.

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