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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mexico Is Seeing Some Pro-Life Victories

Here in the USA, the news on the Pro-Life front has been mostly negative as far as what is happenning in DC. However, in Mexico, it seems like the reverse is true. There, not only are bills to legalize abortion failing to pass, at least 1 state, Jalisco, is working on a constitutional amendment to protect life from conception. (Let's hope that it makes it clear that conception = fertilization not implantation.) & some states have already passed such an amendment. In 1 sense, I see this as ironic given that Obama overturned the Mexico City Policy so that more US funds can work to spread the evil that is abortion.
Naturally, the pro-death gang in Mexico is trying to do the same end-run arround the will of the people by trying to get the Mexican Supreme Court to do the same thing the US Court did in 1973. Last October, Baja amended it's constitution to protect life from conception. & several other states have done so as well. Thus the court challenge. Even that has resulted in a Pro-life victory. The pro-aborts have been forced to admit that chemical contraceptives, such as the "pill," don't just prevent conception from taking place. They have had to admit they often take the lives of unborn children at the earliest stage of conception by preventing already fertilized embryos from implanting. & that is a fact that there has been a great effort to cover up here in the USA.
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
MEXICO CITY, March 2, 2009 ( - Plans by Mexican socialists to spread the legalization of abortion to Mexico's 31 states have stalled even in states they control, according to the Mexico City newspaper El Universal.
Following a successful initiative to legalize abortion on demand in the nation's capital during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in 2007, members of Mexico's Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) were hoping to do the same throughout the country.
However, El Universal states that the initiative has died in three of the five states controlled by the PRD."
The proposal to depenalize abortion in Chiapas, Guerrero and Zacatecas, three of the five states currently governed by the PRD...have no prospect of succeeding in their respective legislatures, and not even a debate is under consideration," said the newspaper on February 28.
In three other states where legalization bills have been proposed by PRD legislators, the response has been profoundly negative. Legislators in Baja California, Morelos, and Colima voted down the proposal and then quickly acted to amend their state's constitution to protect human life from the moment of conception.
The state of Jalisco is also advancing an amendment to protect life from conception.
Although socialists in Mexico City are strongly pro-abortion, members of the same parties are often strongly pro-life in Mexico's states, where family values are stronger. In fact, members of the socialist PRD were more likely than any other party members to oppose the legalization of abortion according to a 2007 Mitofsky poll.
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