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Monday, March 02, 2009

5 Days Down - At Least 33 Lives Saved

Here is the latest update from 40 Days for Life with some very good news. & this is only the ones they know about. There are definitely many more we don't yet know about. The truth about Planned Parenthood getting out, lives saved, hearts being changed. . . . .

God has been incredibly faithful during each 40 Days for Life campaign and this is most obvious in the beautiful children — made in God’s image and likeness — saved from abortion through prayers, fasting and standing vigil at abortion facilities.
I’m thrilled to report that the number of confirmed lives saved from abortion during this spring 40 Days for Life thus far is…


And because so many of you asked for it, we’re now keeping the current total of lives saved during this campaign on the home page of our web site:

Here are just a few of the wonderful stories behind the amazing numbers…

“Seventeen churches were represented today, and many had never done abortion clinic ministry before. We had one saved baby in the first four hours! We had a great rally last night and people are fired up.”
— Mike in Riverside, California

“We know of at least two women who had appointments at Planned Parenthood today who left after speaking to the sidewalk counselors and went to the downtown pregnancy help center! Please remember them in your prayers.”
— Christine in Houston, Texas

“At 7:30am, Gloria and her daughter were the only ones praying. Minutes after they arrived, a man was already leaving Planned Parenthood. He asked them why they were there. She said, ‘We are pro-life and we don’t accept abortion. We are praying to end abortion.’ The man burst into tears and said that his wife was inside the clinic. But that he didn’t want her to have the abortion. He went inside to talk with his wife. Two hours later, the man came out in tears and said, ‘I got her out! Thank you!’ By then more volunteers had joined the vigil and were celebrating!

Baby saved at 40 Days for Life in Orange County, California!

“As Gloria was waving goodbye to the prayer group, she saw volunteers talking to another woman that was leaving the clinic. She stopped at the prayer team and thanked them for their prayers, saying, “I didn’t do it! Thank you!”
–Alejandra in Orange County, California

“A newspaper reporter covering our event was asking one of our counselors what she did and if any women ever changed their minds. She replied that she handed out pro-life materials and tried to speak to the women, and yes, women did change their minds. Just then, essentially during the newspaper interview, a woman — we’ll call her Gwen — came out of the abortion center. Our counselor asked her if she had changed her mind and she said yes! The newspaper reporter then asked if she could interview Gwen, and she agreed.”
–Major in Huntsville, Alabama

The most amazing thing about this account is that the reporter for the Huntsville Times, a secular newspaper, wrote the story of this woman rejecting abortion — and the paper actually printed it!
Read it for yourself at:
“We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our 40 Days for Life Campaign,” said Major. “The keys to effective baby-saving, as you well know, are prayer, presence and fasting. God is SO GOOD when we make a sincere effort to honor Him with our sacrifices. He honors those efforts in the most gratifying ways. To God be the Glory! Amen.”



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