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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What Is Sad Is That She Really Believes In What She Is Saying

Disgusting as well.

Meet Mary Elizabeth Williams:

She is a staff writer for Salon. Her recent column on why she is pro-abortion would be considered a sick joke if she wasn't so serious.
The title alone gives you a clue about where she is heading, So what if abortion ends a life? Yes she is admitting that abortion takes the life of a human being. But she is so callous that she thinks it is OK.
Why? Because she says that "All life is not created equal." You read that right. She is basically repudiating the Declaration of Independence, endorsing Hitler's attempts to kill the Jewish people because they were inferior & not fully human, & fully embracing Margaret Sanger's racist, eugenic agenda.
The last should be no surprize for those reading the article. It was written to applaud Planned Parenthood's recent announcement that they were backing away from the term choice & seeking to be more nuanced about why someone should be able to have an abortion.
She is somewhat aware of how this makes the pro-abortion side look. She says they could "wind up looking like death-panel-loving, kill-your-grandma-and-your-precious-baby storm troopers". No, it makes them look like something much worse. Something she fails to admit.
She fails to admit what this actually makes them look like because of what it justifies if you follow it to her logical conclusion. So where does her logic lead? Let's take a look.
I already made some reference to others who held this view & how they lived it out. Hitler's agenda led to the death of 6 million Jews. Sanger & Planned Parenthood have been doing their best to ensure the elimination of blacks & hispanics whom she saw as racially inferior, not equal to her idea of what a human should be.
So, if someone sees blacks as less than equal to whites, why shouldn't he own blacks as slave? If you follow her logic, that is where you end up. 
Now I am sure she will deny that it would lead to this. But remember, many slave owners did view blacks as not being humans, just property. & in the Dredd Scott decision, the Supreme Court affirmed that view. Their lives weren't equal to that of whites. We have already been there in this country, so why not again.
So who decides which lives have more value. In this case, she has decided that the mother's life is. But who made her the final authority?  
She would say that in this case, she isn't the final authority, but the woman is. But if the woman can decide that about her child, then why can't that same right to decide extend to everyone about everyone else?
If every life is not equal, who is to be the final arbitrator of who deserves to live & who doesn't?
What is to prevent another Hitler from coming along & deciding that Jews, blacks or even women are lives that are not equal to the group he wants in charge?
Much as she may not like it, her view justifies racism, it justifies racial cleansing, it justifies slavery, treating women as 2nd class as well as the evil of abortion. Much as I hate to say it, she is saying that it was OK for Adam Lanza to kill his mother as well as the students & teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School. After all, he could very well have seen himself as better than those he killed. Her logic could even be used to justify rape. That it could makes me sick. 
Williams has drawn back the curtain & shown us the demonic evil behind what she advocates. The sad part is that among those embracing the "culture of death" this won't be shocking at all. Even sadder is the fact that, because or devaluation of life has been so gradual, a huge part of America as a whole won't be shocked either. If an abortion supporter had said this 35 years ago, you can be sure that abortion would have quickly been banned. But because of that devaluation, she is simply one of those showing us the way we are heading. She is much like Peter Singer in that respect. Remember that he said that a human being has to earn the right to live, it doesn't come automaticly, before or after birth .
In his homily at Mass yesterday, Fr. Parker (St. Mary's Catholic Church, E DBQ), said that we need more people to pray for this country lest it be destroyed. He added that what has probably kept it from already happen is that some people have been praying as they should.
Please, please, keep praying if you do, for this country to repent & return to God. If not, then please start. & challenge others to do the same. Apparently it still isn't too late. But for how long?

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