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Monday, January 21, 2013

3rd Annual Ask Them What They Mean By Choice Day

In 2006 NARAL Pro-Choice America decided to have their 1st Blog for Choice Day to celebrate the anniversary of Roe v Wade. In 2011 Pro-lifers decided it was time to respond by going to those blogs that were celebrating the legalization of the murder of unborn children by asking them "What do you mean by choice?"
The idea was to challenge them to come out & admit exactly what that choice was, to have an abortion.
Well, this year NARAL is at it again. They are having their 8th Annual Blog for Choice Day.

& like always they are talking about how this is about reproductive rights & how the right to choose is "a core progressive value that must be protected". Amazingly, they do acknowledge that it is the access to legal abortion they are talking about. They also use the word safe. I'll have a bit more on that later.
So of course that means those of us on the Pro-life side must step up to the bat * ask them exactly what they mean by choice.

So what should we do to respond? As Jill Stanek explains in her post on it " Every year NARAL uses the anniversary of the day abortion was legalized throughout the United States to promote “choice.”
And for the last two years pro-lifers have not let them get away with obfuscating what that “choice” actually is.
We devote the day online to calling abortion proponents out – writing our own blog posts on the real meaning of “choice,” commenting on their blog posts, and questioning all their Facebook andTwitter blather.
We will also make good use of their designated Twitter hashtag, #Tweet4Choice." 
It is as simple as that. On their page talking about this year's activities, they have a list of blogs who will be participating. It also links to their blog.
What you do is choose which blogs to write comments to their posts about "choice". Do so in a way that challenges them. But NO name calling or insults. Point out what choice really means. Also, since they are celebrating "safe" a good example of showing how they are anything but safe is using the story about the St. Louis Planned Parenthood (here or here). Or talk about how many of them have been closed because of unsanitary conditions (here or here for some examples).
Some blogs will be moderated, others will let you post right away. But don't be surprized if the moderated posts refuse to put up your comment or the unmoderated  ones take them down after they realize what you have written. I say this from experience. They do not want a debate, or the facts that prove the lie of their claims.
I should add that some of the pro-abort blogs have some interesting names,. For example there is Angry Black Bitch. Yes, I have written comments for her posts. She moderates them &, naturally, they never appeared. She writes for RH Reality Check which is known for denying the true reality of abortion & replacing it with their lies. Another couple of blogs are Herbs & Hags & What a Witch.
Additionally, for those who Tweet, & I do occasionally, you can use their hash tag, #Tweet4Choice, to add your comments.
You can go to the above link for Jill Stanek's blog to sign up. There is also a Facebook page that you can go to to let people know you won't let NARAL's claims go unchallenged.


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