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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Something I'd Like to See Happen During the Innaugural Parade

Today at 11:55 am EST President Obama took the "oath of office" to start off his 2nd term as president. Like most presidents* he took the oath of office with his hand on a Bible & ending with "So help me God."
Since today is a Sunday, the rest of what has become a traditional part of the Inaugural ceremony has been postponed until Monday. Part of that ceremony is the parade from the Capitol to the White House. Since the Carter Inauguration in 1977 the President has walked at least part of the route. Obama will be walking tomorrow.
As I was praying about Obama & asking God to change his heart so that he will become Pro-life a few days ago, a thought came to mind. What if God did to Obama during the walk what he did to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus?
Don't laugh, there are similarities. Saul is described as breathing threats against the members of the early Catholic Church (Acts 9:1) in an attempt to destroy it. Obama has been doing the same through the HHS mandate forcing Catholic groups & individuals to pay for artificial birth control & abortifacients as a part of their insurance coverage. Add to this the imposing of gay marriage as another goal of his.
Like I said, why couldn't God do that if He wanted? Imagine the reaction across the country as well as the world.
Here is the scenario as I imagined it:
Obama gets out of the car & begins walking down Pennsylvania Avenue. Suddenly a bright ray of light comes from the sky, Obama is knocked to the ground & a voice is heard by all, including those watching it on TV etc.
God: "Barack, Barack, why are you persecuting Me?"
Obama: "Who said that?
G: "This is Jesus who founded the Catholic Church."

O: "OK, now what have I done wrong, I thought I was doing just what you would have done."
G: "I would never condone abortion or your attacks on My Church. It is time for you to repent, be baptized & undo all the damage you have done, starting with getting rid of the mandate & defunding Planned Parenthood. Until you repent, you will remain blind physically as you are spiritually."
At this point, hopefully Obama would do just as Saul did, become a real Catholic who is Pro-life & do all he can to end abortion & build a "Culture of Life" where he once worked to build a "culture of death".
Of course, not everyone would be happy. I suspect that Pelosi, Sibelius & most of the Democratic party would be demanding that God be arrested for assaulting the president. The ACLU would sue God for the violation of the so-called "separation of church & state" that they know isn't what the 1st Amendment actually says. They will be screaming "How dare god, if he does exist, impose his beliefs on us."  & many atheists will be scrambling to explain away what happened. Especially in the light of the mass conversions to Catholicism that would follow this.
I doubt that God will probably do what I have just said. But, should He want to do something like it, He could.
What we must do however, is pray for Obama, asking God to touch his heart so that he does turn away from the path of destruction he is leading us down. Scripture calls us to pray for those in authority. Then we need to trust that God will, in the way He sees best, answer those prayers.

* Interestingly enough, 1 of those very few times was when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on Air Force One after the assassination of JFK.  There wasn't one available. Instead he placed his hand on a Roman (rite) Catholic Missal. As an aside, since this was 1963, it would have been a missal for what is now called the Traditional Latin Mass. 
Additionally, LBJ was also the only president to have a woman administer the oath,  Sarah T. Hughes, a U.S. District Court judge.


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