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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Real Meaning of Inclusive As Used by Those Claiming to Be Just That

By now I am sure most of you have heard the story about Atlanta Pastor Louie Giglio who was invited to give the benediction at President Obama's 2nd Inaugural ceremony & then was criticized by Obama supporters after a liberal watchdog group for a sermon he once gave on homosexuality. The furor lead him to withdraw from participating.

What did Pastor Giglio say that was so horrible? 20 years ago he preached a sermon saying homosexuality was a sin & that the "only way out of a homosexual lifestyle. . . .  is through the healing power of Jesus." (Note: I am assuming he meant homosexual acts, not simply homosexual orientation per se.) It sounds to me like what he said lines up pretty well with what the Catholic Church teaches (Catechism 2357-59)
After he withdrew Addie Whisenant of the inaugaral committee issued a statement  that was part admission that he had been disinvited, part apology to the ultra-liberal left that Obama represents & part insight into that groups hypocricy when it talks about inclusivity.
The statement said that they were looking for someone who would "reflect this administration's vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans." (Emphasis mine)
In other words only those who agree with Obama's agenda for gay marriage, abortion, turning this country into a socialist dictatorship, etc will be included & accepted. The rest of us are persona non gratia.
They are saying it shows an unwillingness to be accepting when you follow the example of Jesus & call sin sin. So we will refuse to include you or accept you until you kowtow to our party line.
Despite what liberals who claim to be Christian say, Jesus did define marriage as only  between a man & woman. In Matthew 19:5 &  Mark 10:7 he says so citing Genesis 2:24 as His basis for this. Paul reiterates this in Ephesians 5:31. Jesus reached out to sinners because they were spiritually ill & needed healing, not having their sins condoned as Obama's gang does. I can guarantee you that Jesus would be no more welcome than Pastor Giglio.
While Pastor Giglio may not agree width all the teachings of the Catholic Church, they do have one thing in common, despite the great work they both do fighting sex trafficking they have both been attacked by the Obama administration. In this case I am specifically referring the how the Catholic Church  was denied a grant by the Obama administration for its work in combating sex trafficking because they wouldn't refer women for abortions. 
While this may not be as big an attack on religious freedom as the HHS mandate is, it does show us that this administration is anything but tolerant towards those who disagree with his building a "culture of death". They practice intolerance in the name of promoting it. Ditto for inclusiveness.
In his piece on how Pastor Giglio is being treated Dr. Albert Mohler Jr., he describes what happened as a "Modern McCarthyism". That is true, as far as it goes. However, there is one huge difference. For all his, alledged, faults in what he did, McCarthy was trying to save the country from being destroyed from within, not destroy it as Obama is.
This is just one more reminder about why we must be praying for this country as well as repenting for the sins of this nation. If we don't, then we will be just as responsible for the judgement this nation will face as those who brought it about by actively rebelling against God.



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