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Saturday, January 12, 2013

How Liberal Catholycs Demonize Those Who Shine the Light of God's Truth On What They Are Doing

A while ago I put up a post about my letter to the editor looking at the goings on with 2 of the Sinsinawa Dominicans & Bishop Morlino of Madison. Well a little over a week later a letter appeared in the TH that was written by 2 people connected with Sinsinawa. I recognized the name of 1 person. He was a retired priest from the Archdiocese of Dubuque. The other person, a female, was unknown to me.
The letter purported to be an invitation to dialog. However, as you will see, it was anything but. 
Note: I am intentionally leaving the names out. I do not want this to be a personal attack on the writers as their letter was with me. Rather this is meant to be a prime example of how the average dissident "Catholic in Name Only" operates. They claim to be tolerant of others & willing to discuss things. But when you shine the light of truth on them, then they become very intolerant & do all they can to demonize the person who has shown them up for what they are, operating in darkness, not the light of God's truth.
I decided to respond privately to 1 of the authors, the priest. I am fairly sure he knows who I am, as well as what I stand for. In it I challenged his claims, showing them up for the attempt to destroy my reputation that they were. I did so in a way that was not condemnatory, but straightforward. But most importantly, I ended by telling him that I was putting him in the hands of God's Divine Mercy.  
Here is the letter they wrote:

"Letter: Critical of Dominican sisters? Let's talk about it
.Posted: Monday, January 7, 2013 12:00 am

A letter to the editor by Allen Troupe ("Good move against Sinsinawa Dominicans," Dec. 28) criticized, in many generalizations, the Dominican sisters, who have defended two members of their order who are involved in social concern for those who seek help for certain spiritual needs.
He suggested that there was defenseless guilt on their part for doing good.
Many of us live here at Sinsinawa Mound -- lay people, priests and Dominican sisters. We find the sisters very hospitable, kind, orthodox, friendly, creative and open to personal discussion.
We invite the afore-mentioned letter writer and anyone else to come share a cup of coffee, respectful discussion and informed insights on the work of two Dominican sisters who have been very unkindly publicly treated without stated, pointed reason.
Just come on any Friday at 9:30 a.m. or Wednesday at 6 p.m. We gather in the common room of Academy Apartments (lower level) Sinsinawa Mound. If you are in any way unsure about such an open invitation, call for details at 608-xxx-xxxx or 563-xxx-xxxx.
Friendly discussion is much better than bitter, uninformed, critical letter writing. The coffee is free and the company is welcoming."

Anyone who is familiar with the tactics of liberals, Catholycs or otherwise, will see many of their usual tactics in this letter. 
Here is the letter I wrote back to Father. You will see what I honestly think of his claim that this was an attempt to open dialog as well as as why what he said was untrue.

" I am writing this to tell you how disappointed I was that you chose to publicly attack me in the letter you co-wrote that was printed in the Telegraph Herald on 7 January 2013. I know that you wrote it under the guise of inviting me to dialog. But  if you were sincere about real dialog you would have contacted me personally rather than use a letter to the editor.
It is apparent that your real intention was to use the letter as a personal attack on my reputation in order to undermine it as well as what I said. You had no basis to say that I was bitter or misinformed, either from the letter or elsewhere. Additionally, your claim that the sisters you know at Sinsinawa are all orthodox was a subtle way of calling Bishop Morlino as well as myself liars.I should start out by saying that rather than making me angry, it brought to mind what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount: “Blessed are you when men revile you. . . and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad for great is your reward in heaven.” (Matthew 5:11-12)
I am anything but bitter. Like all you strive for authentic sanctity, I do have struggles and trials. However, I follow St. Paul’s admonition to count all things as joy as well as to always rejoice in the Lord.
I have to admit that I am puzzled at your claim that my letter was full of generalizations. I quoted from the Madison Diocesan letter that stated what their concerns were. I also quoted from the response put out by the spokesperson for the convent. I would have used more detail, but as you well know, I was limited to 250 words. In short, the claim about generalizations was disingenuous at best.
You also know that I am not misinformed. But let me make it clear that I am anything but misinformed.
To begin with, I know what the proper role of a Bishop is. I know this in huge part from my study of Catholic teachings, including the Catechism as well as the Compendium of Social Doctrine of the Church. Additionally, I have faithfully prayed the Liturgy of the Hours since 1989, including the office of readings. The second reading regular talks about what the pastoral duties of a Bishop &/or priest are. That is why I stand by what I said, Bishop Morlino was defending his flock against those wolves that Jesus warned about in Matthew 7:15.
As for my knowledge of what New Age beliefs & practices are, I have been researching the New Age Movement since the mid-1980s. I have read many books & articles by Catholic & Protestant authors that show how they are at variance with authentic Christianity. One of my sources is Fr. Mitch Pacwa. He was one of the primary sources cited in the Vatican document on the New Age, Jesus, the Bearer of the Water of Life.  I should add that I have met & talked with Fr. Mitch. Also, that I have an autographed copy of his book on Catholics & the New Age.
Before I wrote the letter, I checked out the website for Wisdom’s Well. I saw for myself that they were promoting New Age ideas. It wasn’t until after I looked at the website that I read the synopsis put out by the Madison diocese. I want to add that I found the synopsis to be an excellent summary of what the New Age movement is as well as documenting those specifics about New Age practices that are being promoted by those who are a part of Wisdom’s well.
Clearly, what those Sinsinawa Dominicans are promoting is anything but orthodox. This doesn’t surprise me because of my past experiences with the Sinsinawa Dominicans.
Many times over the past few years I have checked out their website. On it I have regularly found links to groups like NETWORK that promote things contrary to orthodox Catholic teaching.
Then there is Sr. Donna Quinn. I am very familiar with her activities, going back to the time of her materially cooperating in abortion by working as an abortion clinic escort. I am also aware of her current activities. In particular I am referring to her recent speaking out in support of gay marriage & her public attack of Cardinal George for defending orthodox Catholic teaching on what marriage is meant by God to be.
Add to all this the support by the leadership at Sinsinawa for all these activities by their failure to correct those sisters for going counter to what the Catholic Church asks of its religious to say & do. It is very obvious that there is little orthodoxy at Sinsinawa.
I would be willing to enter into a sincere dialog, but given my past experience in 2009 when my letter about Sr. Donna appeared in the TH, I suspect it would be more of another attempt to justify the evil being done rather than a sincere search for the truth on your part.
I could ask for the reparative justice due to me for the harm your letter has done to my reputation by calling on you to put something in the TH correcting the false claims you made as well as having you admit it was done to harm my reputation. Instead, I will simply leave you to God’s Divine Mercy, asking Him to forgive you & have mercy on you for your attempts to justify dissent from the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church."
I highly doubt that I will get an honest response, or any response, from him. As I said, he knew beforehand that his letter was a personal attack on me. He knew full well that my letter was based on what Bishop Morlino had pointedly explained exactly what they had done wrong. & that those Dominican sisters had been shown for what they truly are, wolves in sheep's clothing.
What he was doing, besides attacking my reputation falsely with an aim to destroying it, was to make those sisters sound like victims, which they weren't. He knows that they are guilty of promoting heretical views, views I suspect he buys into himself. I would bet on it, in fact.
I could have said so much more in the letter, like how much his public lying was a betrayal of his vows he took at ordination. But I knew that it would do no good. Instead, I call on everyone to pray for the letter writers, as well as the Sinsinawa Dominicans to Venerable Samuel Mazzuchelli who founded the convent. Ask him to plead to God to send the Holy Spirit upon them to open their eyes to the wrongs they are doing, lead them to sincere repentance, & a return to the fold of faithful Catholics.
Meanwhile, I will not be silenced from speaking out the truth. I will shine God's light on the darkness they are doing as best I can. & should I end up dialoging with them, not likely, you can be sure that I won't go there alone to be ganged up on, as they would like.

Note: I realized later I left the phone numbers in the letter to the TH so I removed them at 2:20 pm Sunday, 13 January 2013. As I said, I don't want this to be about the particular priest, which is why I should have taken out the phone numbers in the 1st place.

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