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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Who Does Obama Think He Is Fooling?

Did you know today was Religious Freedom Day? No, don't feel bad, until earlier today neither did I. Maybe it is because Obama didn't issue the proclamation until earlier today.
Actually, this day has been around only since 1993 when  President George H.W. Bush issued the 1st proclamation. It was done in response to a joint resolution of the US House of Representatives & Senate.
Today was chosen because it was on this day in 1786 that the Virginia Legislature adopted Thomas Jefferson' Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. The statute is considered the model for the 1st amendment "Freedom of Religion" clause.
After reading the 2013 Proclamation, something tells me that Obama better go back & read what the original statute actually says. 
Obama starts the proclamation out by saying "Foremost among the rights Americans hold sacred is the freedom to worship as we choose." (emphasis mine) While that is a part of it, that isn't the main part of the Statute or the 1st Amendment. The main part is freedom to practice your religion in the public square as well as the privacy of your home or church.
For anyone who has paid attention to how Obama has framed the debate over the past few years, that he always says "freedom to worship" when talking about religious rights. It reflects Obama's socialist mindset as it is right out of the Soviet Constitution. & we all know how well they respected even that. Don't ever forget how the Soviet Union took away all the Ukrainian Byzantine Catholic Churches & did all they could to totally shut the Ukrainian Catholic Church. & that is just 1 example.
We are seeing the same thing in the USA. The HHS mandate is basically telling everyone that as long as you stay in Church, & then only with people of your own faith, you can do what you want. But should you open a hospital, feed the poor, teach students or the many other works of mercy done by those in the Church, & you pay people to help you run the program, institution, etc  (& even if you don't in many cases),or run a business, then we can tell you what to do, even to the point of making you pay for abortions, artificial birth control & even support gay marriage.
That Obama is doing all this is what makes the rest of the proclamation a hypocritical joke.
In the same paragraph he says the statute affirmed that "all men shall be free to profess . . . .their opinions in matters of religion." He goes on to admit the statute was the model for the 1st Amendment.
But wait, it gets worse as he goes on to add what else this means. Yet compare what he says here to what he is actually doing. He says that the Constitution guarantees "each of us has the right to practice our faith openly as we choose."
Oh yeah???? Then why is he telling businesses like Tyndale Publishing & Hobby Lobby that they must put their faith in the closet when it comes to paying for types of contraception they don't approve of? Tyndale's primary owner is a non-profit religious organization. But Obama says since the publishing house makes a profit, it has to cover contraception. Never mind that all it publishes are Bibles & other Christian materials.
Hercules Industries, which is owned by a Catholic family recently won a court order against the mandate. Yet, by Obama's standards the court was wrong.
Then there all the Catholic & Protestant Colleges that are non-profit, like Belmont Abbey & Wheaton. Yet Obama wants them to pay for contraceptives & abortifacients. Never mind that it goes against their beliefs.  Because they are open to those outside the faith to attend, then they must offer incense to the god of abortion according to Obama.
In the end, this is a huge part of what it boils down to. The "culture of death" that is behind all this is demonic in origin as I have oft said, along with many others. It's main sacrament is abortion. Although euthanasia is starting to grow in popularity to worship the jealous god it sets up.
That god won't allow any competition. At least from Christianity. So its priests & prophets have set out to destroy it from without & within. With huge blocks of protestantism it has succeeded. look at how most mainline protestant churches accept birth control and abortion. Yet Satan won't rest until he has destroyed the Catholic Church. We all know he never will. God has promised us that. But his pride is such that he will keep trying until Christ returns.
Obama & his supporters in the "culture of death" will use this declaration as a cover saying "see he really is doing all he can to protect religious freedom." Yet, they know his goal is to destroy it, along with the rest of the Constitution.
We must continue to stand up for our rights as Christians, just as the early martyrs did in the Roman Empire. We are not to the point of facing death, yet. We may some day be there, if God allows it.
Our responsibility at this point isn't to worry about what may or may not be. We must pray harder than ever. We must pray for God to change the hearts of those in the "culture of death", to set them free from the bondage they are in. We must also pray for the strength we need, asking God to pour out the gifts of the Spirit we need to face what lies ahead. We must also ask for the courage to take the needed actions to fight in words & deeds. We must keep repenting for the sins of our nation, doing penance for those sins to make reparation to God. If there is a Perpetual adoration Chapel within  reasonable proximity of where you are, like 20-50 miles or less, go & spend time worshiping Jesus hidden under the form of a piece of bread. Pray there as well.
Then whatever happens, we will be ready to respond as God wants us to.



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