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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Day I Hoped & Prayed Would Never Be, Has Come to Pass

This afternoon I was at work at the DBQ Co Right to Life Office doing some things in my capacity of events coordinator for the 40 Days for Life campaign we are putting on starting 26 September. In the process of writing a news release I had to look up the address of the Planned Parenthood in Dubuque. So I went to the PP website to get it since the phone book had the old address. While there I noticed that one line in their list of services offered had changed from last week. Instead of saying abortion referal it now said abortion services.
It is my sad duty to report that PP has officially announced they are doing telemed abortions at the DBQ site. God help us.
After I read that on the website I called over Marion Bourek, the new executive director, to show her the bad news. As she came from her office, it was all I could do to hold back the tears. I was also sick to my stomach. She had a similar reaction. Then the executive assistant came over & for a few moments a pall of sorrowful silence fell over this office.
Part of the reason we decided to have a 40 days campaign in DBQ was because we knew that abortions would be a part of the services offered at the new site. & now they are. While it is only telemed abortions, the building is suitable for offering surgical abortions as well.
This news has added all the more impetus to continue the battle against PP & abortion. This evil MUST be driven out of DBQ as well as elsewhere.
I ask for your prayers for our 40 Days campaign to be successful, so that by its end, the Planned Parent Health Center as they describe themselves will be permanantly shut down. Calling themselves a health center is a sick joke. They are anything but a health center, especially for the unborn. What they really are is a death center.
Thankfully they haven't expanded their hours from the 17 they are currently open. When they 1st came to DBQ they were open 40 hours a week. At the time they claimed there was this huge need. Since then they reduced their hours to the current 17 & recently moved to Hillcrest & their own building. Offering abortions in DBQ is the only reason they have keep open a site that sees less than 20 people a week. They hope that this will enable them to make the money they need to keep it going. & maybe even expand as well. They have also stayed because this is a town that is mainly Catholic (although many are pro-choice)so they can mock God & His Church as well.
What PP won't admit is that it has been the ongoing prayful protest that has played a huge part in their failure. But it has. & with the 40 Days campaign coming up, the spiritual warfare going on will see them permanantly removed from DBQ, bringing an end to the scourge of an abortion clinic in this town.
This may be a sad day, but God will be triumphant in the end. & that is what gives me the hope to go on rather than give up.

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