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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Now Abortion Is Being Called Mercy Killing

Just when you think you have heard every sick & twisted justification for abortion, something like this comes along.
 Ellen Hawley Roddick admitted in her latest Salon post that abortion may be murder. Why? As she explains "But when I had become pregnant, I had known immediately and beyond any doubt that I was no longer alone in my body. Not having heard of anyone else having this startling experience, I asked other women. A surprising number said yes, they, too, had known they were pregnant as soon as the baby was conceived."
But once again proving the old adage, "My mind is made up, don't confuse me with the facts," she goes on to say "Given this anecdotal evidence that in some sense personhood may begin at conception, I still believe that a newly pregnant woman has a right to end her pregnancy. Surely it is no gift to force a baby into a world where its own mother does not want it. Life can be tough enough for people whose mothers do want them."
After listing all reasons for justifying an abortion because it is unwanted etc, all lies that can be easily refuted, she pretty much leaves you thinking that aborting the baby is the merciful thing to do. So while she doesn't actually use the term, that is pretty much what she is saying.
But in a way, this isn't totally surprizing. With all the scientific evidence out there that the preborn child is a human being, it is harder to deny that abortion kills someone. So now, the abortion supporters have to come up with new reasons to justify what even they are forced to admit is murder.
So, we have a mercy killing mentality. This is the same "culture of death" mentality that justifies euthenasia as well. They set what they define is the acceptable "quality of life" & then push to eliminate all those who don't meet their standard.
I would like Roddick to say what she did to Rebecca Kiessling.
Rebecca Kiessling was conceived as the result of a rape in 1969. At the time she would have been aborted had it been legal in Michigan. Thankfully she wasn't. & a family that wanted her adopted her. Her entire life is an answer to why abortion is never right.
Tuesday afternoon I saw a video with her story at the  DBQ Co Right to Life office. It was very powerful. They were showing it because she will be speaking in the DBQ area at the start of Pro-Life month in October.
I would love to see how Roddick would respond to what Rebecca Kiessling would have to say. I suspect she would have a difficult time sustaining her arguements when faced with the truth, that there are other options than abortion.
Note: For some reason Salon has taken down Roddick's post. Maybe they realized that it let out a little too much of the truth about the pro-abortion mindset & brought too much negative response that showed it did more harm than good at this point.

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