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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Super Nuns Battle Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

Not everyone was focused on who was winning the Super Bowl game Sunday night. Some people were focused on making money off of those who attending the game. While most of them were hawking souvenirs & memorabilia, often pure kitsch, some teen-aged women were being forced into selling something else, their bodies. 1 of the sad facts of life is that there are people out there who are  trafficking in human sex slaves. & that there are certain organizations that either willingly abet this horrendous practice* or look the other way rather than do something. 
Fortunately, not everyone feels that way. There are some people out there who are doing what they can to battle this evil. 1 of the leaders in that area of battling sex traffic is the Catholic Church#. In the Indianapolis area, 11 congregations of Catholic Nuns said they weren't going to let this happen during the Super Bowl festivities this last week if they had anything to do with it.

Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington had the following to say in his blog on the Archdiocesan website:

Catholic Nuns to Battle Sex Trafficking at Super Bowl

Here is a story that makes me glad and very sad at the same time. Religious sisters of various congregations are joining together to fight the horrific practice of human trafficking in underage “sex slaves.” One of the dirty secrets of large sports events is that not only is prostitution common, but that tragically, many underage girls are also being prostituted, most of them against their will, as sex slaves.
It is a shocking thing to think that slavery of any sort exists in this land. While some argue that the problem is exaggerated, I would like to ask them how many young slave girls they are willing to tolerate until we no longer “exaggerate” the problem. Many of the victims of this wretched trade come from the far east, places such as Singapore, and Indonesia in general. But some are kidnapped right here. Most of them are vulnerable because they are poor, or have broken homes, some are also runaways. In effect they are captured by the sex traders and their lives are threatened if they try to leave or to report the evil pimps and slave traders.
Aware of this dreadful problem, Religious Sisters have come together, and trained to both identify and work with police to make arrests, and also to prevent human trafficking altogether at this week’s Super Bowl. They will also put pressure on local hotels to be serious in their awareness and noncooperation in this problem. One of the sisters is quoted as saying, “We want the traffickers to know that we will be watching.”
Good for you Sisters. Anything we can do to make life difficult and risky for sex traffickers (especially those who exploit minors), is welcome and appreciated. Pray God they will be able to rescue some of the girls. Thanks for your courage, Sisters.

* We saw last year how Planned Parenthood is abetting this sex slavery thanks to an investigation by Live Action. Another reminder that they are not concerned about woman like they try & paint themselves.
# Lest we forget, Planned Parenthood's buddies in the Obama administration cut off funds for the Catholic Church's highly successful efforts in this battle beacuse they didn't offer referrals for “the full range of legally permissible gynecological and obstetric care”—including referrals for abortion. More evidence that this isn't about women but about promoting abortion. If it was, these same hypocrites that were so outraged about Koman taking away $700,000 from Planned Parenthood  would have been screaming just as loud or not louder.
Obama, Sibelius @ the HHS & Planned Parenthood care nothing about women who are really in need, whether it is young girls trapped as sex slaves, or older women who may be battling breast cancer, all they care about is pushing abortion & the "culture of death". & if  Planned Parenthood makes huge profits doing so, all the better.   

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