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Monday, January 30, 2012

Again We See What The Abortion Industry Means By Safe

As I have said many a time before, the Abortion Industry doesn't really care about women;s health or safety, just making a fortune murdering unborn babies. The latest from Minnesota is more proof of that.
KAAL-TV6 has a story about a new bill at the Capitol that would put some basic regulations on abortion clinics.
The bill "would require clinics that perform abortions to be licensed and regulated by the Minnesota Department of Health. Under the bill, health officials would inspect clinics twice a year, with one unannounced visit." The abortion industry tries to claim their clinics are no different that any other health clinic out there. So you would think they would have no problem with being subjected to the same regulations. But no, they don't. Linnea House, with the Minnesota Abortion Rights Action League, said that  "this is a veiled attempt to limit access to abortions and gives the state unprecedented authority to close abortion clinics down if they have a high enough number of violations that go uncorrected for a lengthy period of time."
As usual, the industry is screaming that any regulation is an attempt to limit abortion access. so, by their logic, regulations on dentists' offices are an attempt to limit access to dental care. Or requiring any licensing of a health clinic is an attempt to limit access to health care. I could go on & on. But you get the point, those regs aren't there to limit access, they are there to insure that basic minimal health & safety standards are met. So why are abortion "clinics' supposed to be treated any differently.
But it is the last part of House's statement that really gives things away.  She said the law "gives the state unprecedented authority to close abortion clinics down if they have a high enough number of violations that go uncorrected for a lengthy period of time."  Did you get that, if a clinic has enough safety & health violations over a long period of time, to hell with women's safety, that doesn't matter. Would she feel the same way about a veterinarian's clinic where she takes her pet getting away with the same number of longstanding violations? Could she honestly say it is OK for it to remain open? So why shouldn't an "abortion clinic" be held to the same standard as a veterinarian clinic?
It should, if they truly cared about a woman's safety. But since they don't. Again & again we have seen what standards the abortion industry operates under, Gosnell, NIWC in Rockford & many more examples can be cited of the unsanitary conditions that abortion clinics operate under. This problems came about because of a failure to regulate the industry as it should have been.
The problems of unsanitary conditions, along with the other investigations of covering up rape, incest, white slavery etc, show that when you don't respect life before birth, you don't care about it any more after birth. Yes, there are people in the industry who sincerely claim they care about women, but they either close their eyes to what is really going on arround them or they finally wake up to reality & leave the industry.
So, the next time you hear someone upset about even basic regs being put on abortion clinics, ask them why they should be treated any different than other health clinics that they claim to be a part of.

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